3. Why Learn Data Science?

4. Data Science can make the World a Better Place

Big Data & Data Science is beyond being a tool of Business Intelligence. Various philanthropic and social organizations are using data to create products for social good. Also, various health-care organizations are using data for helping doctors to have better insights about their patient’s health.

In this section, we will go through various examples where companies are using data for social good. This will help you to develop inspiration to learn Data Science as a tool for enriching the lives of people.

4.1 Data Science for Analyzing Refugee Crisis

The global refugee crisis has become a problem that has resulted in deaths and the displacement of many people. In order to manage and regulate the information of refugees, the United Nations and World Bank have established a center for this purpose.

Using data based on gender, age, income, skills and health, it will analyze and take decisions to help and improve the lives of displaced people. It will use data to help displaced refugees and asylum seekers through real-time access on the refugees.

Therefore, Data Science is playing an important role in assisting governments and policymakers to make better decisions.

4.2 Data Science in Healthcare

Another major usage of data is in the field of medicine and health-care. Various health-care industries use historical records of data to predict diseases and help in early diagnosis. With the advent of deep learning algorithms in data science, it is possible to detect tumors and other defects at an early stage of diagnosis.

Data Science is also helping genomic industries to analyze the effect of drugs on genetic issues, analyzing genetic sequences and developing new drugs to combat diseases. In these ways, Data Science is helping people in various socioeconomic and health sectors.

Therefore, we realize the need for data and data scientists to help the world become a better place. We need to learn Data Science in order to create better solutions for real-world problems that people face today. There are problems all around you.

You need to recognize problems and develop solutions using the existing data. This will inspire you to learn data science as you will have a goal towards solving the problem.

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