3. Why Learn Data Science?

5. Data Science is the Career of Tomorrow

Data Science is the career of the future. Industries are becoming data-driven and new innovations are being made every day. The field of technology has become dynamic and with more and more people interacting with the internet, more data is being generated.

Industries require data-scientists to assist them in making smarter decisions and creating better products. Data perceives as the electricity of modern gadgets and applications. It makes products smart and empowers them with autonomy.

In today’s world, it has become a necessity to possess data-literacy. We must learn how crude data can transform into meaningful products. We must learn the techniques and understand the requirements to analyze and draw insights from the data.

Data holds an untapped potential that must be realized in order to develop useful products. With the advent of machine learning technologies, it is now possible to predict and intelligently classify information. Big Data and Data Science hold the key to the future.

Together, they form the bigger picture of Artificial Intelligence that is giving us products of the future like Self Driving Cars, Autonomous Robots, etc. In the classic Sci-Fi film 2001: A Space Odyssey, HAL is an intelligent conversational platform that can take decisions without human interference.

These things are no longer works of fiction anymore. With the emergence of Natural Language Processing and Reinforcement Learning, it is now possible to build such platforms in the contemporary world.

While it is true that the field of Data Science is immense, its rewards, however, are even greater. As technologies are rapidly evolving and changing, new technologies are replacing the older ones.

As a result, we need to be dynamic, keep up with technology and keep moving forward. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to learn Data Science and build a successful career in the future.

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