Home treatment for the nine most common minor injuries

9 First Aid Tips You’ll Actually Use

First aid tips—especially when shared by paramedics—focus on emergency situations and procedures. It’s all about how to react when blood is spurting, parts are missing, or breathing has stopped. That’s all good information, but the best first aid tips are for the mundane injuries that are most likely to happen at the company picnic or a child’s birthday party.

You shouldn’t ignore the advice on calling 911 or learning CPR. But it’s good to know what first aid you can do for the little things.

Stop a Bloody Nose

young man with bloody nose looking mirror

Bloody noses can happen without warning (and probably should be reported to your healthcare provider), but the majority of bloody noses have help, usually in the form of digital trauma. That simply means nose-picking.1 If your nose starts bleeding and you didn’t do something to traumatize it, tell the healthcare provider. Otherwise, keep your fingers out of your nostrils.

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