10. Comical Stories

A man and three thugs

In a faraway village, a man used to help a landlord without asking for anything in return. He was extremely superstitious. Impressed with the work, the landlord rewards the man with a big healthy goat, one day.

The man carries the goat on his shoulders and starts walking back home. Three wicked thugs observe him and decide to trick him.

The first thug comes to him and asks, “Why are you carrying a dog on your shoulders.” The man gets angry and tells the thug that it is a goat and not a dog.

As he keeps walking, the second thug passes by and enquires why he was carrying a dead calf on his shoulders. The man’s anger multiplies and says, “You fool! Can’t you see this is a goat?” However, the second thug’s question plants the seed of suspicion in the man’s mind.

After walking for some more distance, the third thug approaches the man, and asks in a sarcastic tone, “Why are you carrying a donkey on your shoulders?

The superstitious man gets scared thinking the goat is actually a ghost. He leaves it right there and runs away.

The three thugs take the goat away, laughing at the man’s stupidity.

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