5. General Stories

A person chooses similar persons to be his friend

Donkeys are rather like people – there are many different kinds. Some are hard workers, some are lazy, some get worried by little things and others don’t seem to care about anything. Josh the farmer had many donkeys to work on his farm, but he needed another one. When his neighbour asked him if he wanted to buy one of his, Josh said “maybe.” He said he’d keep it for a day, and then say if he wanted it. His neighbour agreed, so Josh took the donkey home and put it in the barn with the rest. Then he waited and watched.

The new donkey went round all the others in turn. Then he settled down the far end of the barn with laziest of all the donkeys, and went to sleep.

Next morning, Josh led it back to his neighbour’s house.

“He’ll be no use to me,” he said.

“I can tell from the friends he keeps.”

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