4. Content marketing

Additional Forms of Content Marketing

Now that you understand what makes content marketing powerful and how you can use it to map out your customer’s journey from awareness to conversion, we’re now going to talk about a few additional types of content that you should know about.

I’ve briefly mentioned some of these already, but they are worth mentioning in a bit more depth.

Social Media

Perhaps social media is the most powerful type of content marketing in the digital world.

It gives free access to a massive amount of people within any target market.

And if you decide to run advertisements, you can choose where to show your face.

If you jump on the social media advertising bandwagon, you will be far from alone. Ever since marketers recognized the power of social media, they’ve flocked to the platforms in droves, trying to sell their products and reach their ideal customers.

Innocent Drinks is just one example of a company that’s using social media to its advantage.

In particular, they use social media to strengthen their brand image as a funny and enjoyable business.

content marketing social media

In other words, they entertain their audience before expecting those people to buy.

Why do they do that, though?

Is that really a powerful marketing strategy? Does it actually work?

The short answer is yes, it does.

The reason is simple. People only buy from businesses that they connect with. And they often connect with businesses that make them laugh, cry, or share.

Here’s another post from Innocent that surely got a few laughs.

social media content marketing example

And here’s one more that will literally make you laugh out loud.

social media content marketing example

But, of course, Innocent is a notoriously silly brand. They’ve spent a long time building up their brand image that way.

And why not?

They sell juice. They really have nothing else to do but make people laugh, right? You, though, might not have that luxury.

Maybe you sell more formal products or find yourself more in the B2B marketing space.

Well, you can also use social media to entertain people and build your brand image.

Are you having trouble believing me?

Staples uses its social media platform to have a good time with its customers. And that’s because the better experience you offer your customers, the more money those people will spend.

Here’s another post from Staples.

staples halloween content marketing example

What’s the point?

Social media excels at promoting brands because it promotes relationships.

You can grow an organic following, drive traffic, and even encourage sales.

Once you have an audience of your own, then marketing to that audience over and over again becomes easier and cheaper than ever before.

But remember: they follow you because they like your content, not just your products.

So spend a little time entertaining them, and they’ll pay you back in cold, hard cash.

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