Broken Leg

Additional Tips for Treating a Broken Leg 

  • Remember, DO NOT move a victim with suspected head, neck, or back injuries unless it is to keep rescuers or the victim safe.
  • DO NOT move a victim of a broken leg unless necessary for the safety of rescuers or the victim.
  • DO NOT straighten a broken leg or change its position unless the victim’s foot (on the leg with the break) is cold, blue, numb, or paralyzed. Only attempt to return a deformed leg to the anatomical position.
  • Call 911 for a leg broken above the knee, a broken hip, a broken pelvis, a neck or back injury, or a head injury. It is still acceptable to summon an ambulance for a leg broken below the knee, but call on the ambulance agency’s non-emergency line.
  • If splinting the broken leg, try using a broom handle, long wooden spoon, tube from a vacuum cleaner, or a jack handle from the car to stabilize the splint. 

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