Advantages of Statistics

Advantages of Stratified Random Sampling

Stratified random sampling has advantages when compared to simple random sampling.

Accurately Reflects Population Studied

Stratified random sampling accurately reflects the population being studied because researchers are stratifying the entire population before applying random sampling methods. In short, it ensures each subgroup within the population receives proper representation within the sample. As a result, stratified random sampling provides better coverage of the population since the researchers have control over the subgroups to ensure all of them are represented in the sampling. 

With simple random sampling, there isn’t any guarantee that any particular subgroup or type of person is chosen. In our earlier example of the university students, using simple random sampling to procure a sample of 100 from the population might result in the selection of only 25 male undergraduates or only 25% of the total population. Also, 35 female graduate students might be selected (35% of the population) resulting in under-representation of male undergraduates and over-representation of female graduate students. Any errors in the representation of the population have the potential to diminish the accuracy of the study.

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