1. Aorta Ultrasound indications and Preparation

Aorta Ultrasound Preparation

Patient preparation

  • The patient should be supine with the head of the bed flat.
  • Have patient bend knees, if possible, to help relax the abdominal muscles.

Ultrasound machine preparation

  • Transducer
    • Use a Curvilinear probe to examine the abdominal aorta.
    • Use a Phased Array probe to obtain the suprasternal notch view.
  • Preset:
    • Abdominal Setting to view the abdominal aorta. Starting Depth should be around 10-15cm.
    • Cardiac Setting for the suprasternal view. Starting Depth should be around 10cm.
  • Ultrasound Machine Placement:
    • Place the machine on the patient’s right side, so you can scan with your right hand and manipulate the ultrasound buttons with your left hand.
Aorta Ultrasound Machine and Patient Placement
Ultrasound Machine and Patient Positioning for Aorta Scanning

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