1. Data Science Tutorial for Beginners

Applications of Data Science

Data Science has created a strong foothold in several industries such as medicine, banking, manufacturing, transportation etc. It has immense applications and has variety of usesSome of the following applications of Data Science are:

i. Data Science in Healthcare

Data Science has been playing a pivotal role in the Healthcare Industry. With the help of classification algorithms, doctors are able to detect cancer and tumors at an early stage using Image Recognition software.

Genetic Industries use Data Science for analyzing and classifying patterns of genomic sequences. Various virtual assistants are also helping patients to resolve their physical and mental ailments.

ii. Data Science in E-commerce

Amazon uses a recommendation system that recommends users various products based on their historical purchase. Data Scientists have developed recommendation systems predict user preferences using Machine Learning.

iii. Data Science in Manufacturing

Industrial robots have made taken over mundane and repetitive roles required in the manufacturing unit. These industrial robots are autonomous in nature and use Data Science technologies such as Reinforcement Learning and Image Recognition.

iv. Data Science as Conversational Agents

Amazon’s Alexa and Siri by Apple use Speech Recognition to understand users. Data Scientists develop this speech recognition system, that converts human speech into textual data. Also, it uses various Machine Learning algorithms to classify user queries and provide an appropriate response.

v. Data Science in Transport

Self Driving Cars use autonomous agents that utilize Reinforcement Learning and Detection algorithms. Self-Driving Cars are no longer fiction due to advancements in Data Science.

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