6. Fission and Fusion reaction

Applications of Nuclear Fusion

We are still at an experimental stage as far as nuclear fusion reactions are concerned.

  • Clean: No combustion occurs in nuclear power (fission or fusion), so there is no air pollution.
  • Less nuclear waste: The fusion reactors will not produce high-level nuclear wastes like their fission counterparts, so that disposal will be less of a problem. In addition, the wastes will not be of weapons-grade nuclear materials as is the case in fission reactors.

If appropriately utilised, nuclear fusion is the answer to the world’s power crisis problem. It is clean and produces a minimal amount of nuclear waste as compared to fission reactions. In addition, the fuel for fusion, Deuterium, and Tritium, are also readily available in nature. Thus, scientists are hopeful that fusion will be a viable alternative power source in the coming centuries.

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