4. Are NFTs Securities ?

Are NFTs Securities?

Not Yet…But Here’s Why That Could Change


In 2020, NFT trading volume was a mere $21.7 million. In 2021, it exploded to $40 billion.

Many NFT buyers are just interested in supporting their favorite indie artists. And others may simply be filling their digital art galleries or claiming bragging rights for “owning” famous memes and gifs.

But a significant portion of NFT buyers are bonafide investors who see NFTs as the next gold rush of the digital age. And considering that the secondary NFT market reached $15 billion last year, many of them are getting rich.

When investors start flipping assets for massive gains, it begs the question: Are these assets securities? Should they be regulated? If not, what missteps would put NFT investors square in the SEC’s crosshairs?

Let’s investigate whether NFTs should be considered securities.

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