10. Comical Stories

Bald man and a fly

A bald man was the owner of a sweet shop, where he sold candies and sweets. The sweets attracted a lot of flies, and the owner tried everything possible to prevent the flies from sitting on his sweets.

One day, a giant fly comes and sits on the sweets. He tries to clap it with his hands, but it escapes and sits on another sweet. He tries to clap it again, but it flies away and sits on another dish, and this continues.

The fly challenges the bald man to clap and hurt it if he can. The man says, “I can sacrifice anything to keep you away from my store.”

Then the fly sits on the man’s bald head. Without much thought, he hits his own head to catch the fly. The fly flies away leaving a big red bump on the man’s head.

No matter how boring or funny a story is, you can leave the audience craving for more with your storytelling skills. Kids are more likely to enjoy listening to stories rather than read them, and if you are a young parent, be prepared with a whole bunch of stories to narrate one every single night (or day).

Did you enjoy these very funny stories for kids? If you know of more stories, do share them with our readers by posting in the comments section below.

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