5. Cell Culture

Basic cell culture equipment

The specific equipment of a cell culture laboratory depends on the type of research conducted however, all cell culture laboratories have the same  common goal: being free from pathogenic microorganisms.

The extended list below is corresponding to the equipment and supplies for the majority cell culture laboratories, that allows the work to be more efficient and accurate.

– 70% ethanol antiseptic– Cell incubator
– Aspiratory pump– Centrifuge
– Autoclave– Fridge/freezer
– Cell counter– Gloves
– Cell culture flasks– Media, sera, cell media additives
– Cell culture-grade Petri dishes– Pipettes of various capacities
– Cell culture-grade tubes of various sizes– Serological pipettor
– Cell culture hood– Sterile filters
– Cell culture microwell plates– Waste container

*Please note: The specific cell culture equipment depends on the cell type and aim of the study

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