4. Best Robo advisors

Best For 401(k) Investing: Blooom

Our Score: 8
Minimum Deposit: $0
Annual Fees: $45 to $250 per year
Human Advisor Access: Yes


Get Started With Blooom

Best For: If you want to check the health of your 401(k) or IRA plan — and fix it — check out Blooom. This unique robo-advisor can monitor and manage your 401(k), 401(a), 403(b), 457, or TSP plan to ensure your investments line up with your long-term goals.

Blooom’s main strength is that it helps minimize fees. This is important for employer-sponsored investment plans where a lack of options often leads to investments that charge higher fees.

The basic plan costs $45 per year and gives access to a personalized portfolio and fund recommendations to help lower fees. Two other plans are available for $120 and $250 per year. These plans add in more features like portfolio auto-optimization, human advisor access, and priority support.

This isn’t the best robo-advisor for everyone. But if you want to optimize your retirement accounts, Blooom is worth considering.

Potential Drawbacks: Blooom’s flat fee pricing means small portfolios pay a steep annual fee versus percentage-based robo-advisors. And if you want a robo-advisor for a taxable brokerage account, Blooom isn’t for you.

Fees: Blooom’s annual plans cost $45 to $250 per year.


  • Simple pricing structure
  • You don’t need employer approval to use Blooom since Blooom doesn’t control your account


  • Only available for retirement accounts
  • Fixed-fee structure is expensive for small portfolios

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