1. Top 5 Best Online Stock Brokers

Best for International Trading: Interactive Brokers

Not only does Interactive Brokers have options, forex, CFDs, and futures, you can actually trade them on foreign exchanges.

IB offers direct trading on global exchanges for stocks, too, straight from a single platform. It’s a really convenient service.

It’s worth noting that while Interactive Brokers now offers $0 commissions, this great price only applies to US-listed equities. Foreign securities do have commissions, and they vary quite a bit by exchange and by pricing schedule.

IB offers both tiered and fixed-price schedules.

Here are some examples for stock, ETF, and warrant trades on the tiered schedule:

The broker’s fixed-commission schedule looks like this:

Interactive Brokers offers many more foreign exchanges than those listed here. To trade on any exchange, you simply need to download and install Trader Workstation. This is the firm’s desktop software.

It offers many advanced features, including:

  • Full-screen charting with right-click trading
  • Many option tools
  • Bloomberg TV

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