2. Branches of Chemistry

Branches of Chemistry with Examples 

Now that you are aware of the all 10 branches of chemistry. Let us understand the concept better with the help of examples:

Branches of ChemistryBranches of Chemistry Real Life Examples
Organic ChemistryWashing detergents, Plastics, Hair dyes
Inorganic ChemistryFloor cleaner, Soap
Physical ChemistryWater boiling, Water freezing
Analytical ChemistryWater and Soil Testing
Biomedical ChemistryKidney function test, Blood test
Environmental ChemistryChemicals from consumers
Industrial ChemistrySulphuric acid from factories
Polymer ChemistrySynthetic fibers clothes
Nuclear ChemistryManufacturing weapons
GeochemitryIndustrial effluent and sewage sludge

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