3. Best trading tools and softwares

Breaking News Provider: Benzinga

As you’ll learn in our Day Trading Courses, each morning we start the day with a review the stocks gapping up on our Trade-Ideas scans.

From there we have to look for the news catalyst, the reason why these stocks are moving higher. Sometimes they are moving in sympathy with the market or a strong sector, but other times they have a unique catalyst like earnings.

Understanding the reason why a stock is moving is important because some catalysts are stronger than others!  I use Benzinga Pro to search for the latest headlines.  Then during the day I listen to the Benzinga Pro Squawk.

They read the headlines and let us know when stocks are spiking, breaking news reports, etc.  This breaking news feed has made me over $4k in the last two news trades alone (see $WATT and $MBLY).

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