is it a bruise or a hematoma?

Bruise or a Hematoma

Bruises and hematomas occur when blood leaks outside of an injured blood vessel after a trauma. There are many differences between them, including their appearance, symptoms, and healing time, as well as the types of blood vessels involved.

What Is a Bruise?

A bruise is a mark on the skin caused by small amounts of blood leaking from crushed small blood vessels, like capillaries. Bruises may also be referred to as ecchymosis or a contusion,

Those that occur under the surface of your skin are usually quite visible. The initial black and blue skin discoloration will change to a yellow, green, or light brown color within five to 10 days.

Bruises are flat, although mild swelling may be present. They can be tender to the touch.

Bruises can also form in deeper tissues, including muscles and bones. Though you won’t see them, you will feel pain and soreness in the area of the injury.

Bruise on upper leg near buttock.

Bruises usually heal on their own within a week or two. They rarely cause serious complications, but can if there are additional injuries. For example, a black eye from a face injury may cause vision problems.

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