13. Horror Stories

Cameras Don’t Lie

Children aged 8 years and up will enjoy this kids’ scary story. For extra punch, load an appropriate photo onto your phone, show it to your audience at the end of the story, and tell the kids you were the babysitter in the story.

vintage camera

A teenage girl had been babysitting for the same family for a few years. The children were generally well behaved, and she enjoyed looking after them.

One day the family called the babysitter with a special request.

“My sister and her husband died in an accident, and we have taken in their daughter,” the father said. “She is very quiet after what happened to her parents, but she is no trouble. Would you mind looking after her as well as the other children this Saturday?”

The babysitter said she didn’t mind at all, and on Saturday evening, she went to the family’s house.

The children settled down in bed and they all quickly fell asleep, except the niece. The little girl came back downstairs and asked if she could sit with the babysitter because the monster that killed her parents wouldn’t let her go to sleep.

Thinking the little girl was imagining things, but understanding she had just lost her parents, the babysitter decided to let the little girl sit with her.

Seeing the babysitter’s phone, the little girl asked if she could take some photos with it and the babysitter said yes. The little girl cheered up, just a little, and walked around the room taking photos of her teddy in different spots and snapping sad-looking selfies.

Every now and then the little girl would run back to the babysitter, crying, and asking her to chase away the monster. To make the little girl feel better, the babysitter would pretend to chase it away.

After a while the little girl could stay awake no longer and fell asleep on the sofa. The babysitter carried her up to bed, tucked her in, and went back downstairs.

She picked up her phone with the intention of deleting the photos the little girl had taken. But when she began to look at them, she let out a scream. In each of the selfies the little girl had taken, behind her, there was a pair of red eyes staring out of a monster’s face.

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