1. What is Cardiology?


Specialists in cardiology are called cardiologists. Some of the strategies used by cardiologists to combat cardiovascular diseases include coronary artery bypass surgery, percutaneous coronary intervention, percutaneous transluminal angioplasty and stenting. Cardiologists also may diagnose cardiovascular disorders using blood tests, cardiac stress tests, echocardiography or electrocardiography or computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging techniques.

The training required to become a cardiologist involves more than 10 years of studying internal medicine and specialized programs.

Becoming a cardiologist requires:

  • 4 years of pre-medical study at an accredited college or university;
  • 4 years of medical school, earning an MD;
  • 3 years in an internal medicine residency program;
  • 3 or more years in a fellowship program for advanced training; and
  • Board certification.

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