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How much does a computer cost

How much does a computer cost

As we all know, computers have become an essential part of our lives, and every work is performed using a computer system only. Education of students, online shopping, online money transactions, office works, school project works, college projects, and many more, almost every task is computer dependent. Thus, it has become necessary to purchase a computer in order to deal with different tasks in our daily life. While we go to purchase a desktop computer or laptop, there are varieties of computers present with different costs distinguished based on their features and brand. Earlier, computers were not in much demand compared to the present, so the price rates were also cheaper than at present.

Here, we will discuss the cost of computers as per its brands and features.

Brands and Features

In the market, there are different types of computer systems present with different functionalities and features. If you need to purchase a computer system, confirm the type of computer you want to purchase, i.e., either desktop computer, gaming computer, iPad, monitor, or laptop. You should purchase a desktop computer if you have a good space to settle it in your residence. Otherwise, it is better to go with a laptop. Although desktop computers are cheaper than laptops, these laptops can be carried anywhere you want. Also, laptops can be used without always connecting it to the switch. But in desktop computers, electricity is mandatory because without electricity you will not be able to work on the system. Further, the demand for desktop computers has been reduced because laptops provide similar functionalities and features with more comfort and less burden.

Price List of Computers

The price of the computer system varies according to the model, brand, and type of computer we are purchasing.

Below we have discussed the price of computers on the basis of different computer types:

  • Desktop Computers
    How much does a computer cost
    How much does a computer cost
    How much does a computer cost
    The range of desktop computers begins from Rs 10000 upto Rs 1 lac. Further, there can be higher price rates, and all vary on the basis of features, functionalities, quality, and storage capacity. If we are purchasing a normal desktop for small tasks completion, such as desktop computers, range from Rs 10000- Rs 40000. It is better to purchase under this range. If we want to purchase for professional works or gaming purposes, we can purchase the desktop computer in a range of Rs 30000 – Rs 50000. Another option is that we can purchase a cheaper desktop and more storage to increase our computer storage.
  • Other than Desktop Computers
    How much does a computer cost
    How much does a computer cost
    How much does a computer cost

In the market, there are other options available with respect to desktop computers. If you are a movable person and do not remain at one place all the time, it is good to purchase either a laptop, iPad, or tablet. The price rate of a normal laptop ranges between Rs 15000 upto Rs 1.5 lac. Just like desktop computers, the same thing matters while purchasing a laptop. If you wish to purchase to deal with small jobs, the range starts from Rs 15000 – Rs 40000. For gamers and professionals in order to deal with more pathetic and heavy tasks, purchase laptops ranging between Rs 35000 – Rs 60000. Another option is to enhance the storage by purchasing more RAM for the laptop, so that it may work smoothly. If you want to buy a computer only for gaming purposes, you can purchase in the range starting from Rs 20000 upto Rs 60000. On the other hand, iPads cost starts from Rs 16000 upto Rs 70000.

These are the basic price range that depends on the brand of the computer system, features of the system, functionalities of the computer, type of computer, quality of the computer, as well as the processor of the computer. There are many online shopping websites available that can help us to distinguish between the price rates. You can compare the rates with that of the price rates available in the market. Just you need to select the computer as per your requirements, features, storage capacity, and brand.

Note: The price of a computer also depends on the intel core processors, i.e., if it is intel core i3, i5, or intel core i7. The price of the computer with intel i3 has a lower price range as compared to computers having intel i5 or i7 core processors.

Thus, there are numerous computer manufacturing industries, such as HP, Dell, Intel, ASUS, Lenovo, and many more. Choose the best out of all.

Computer fundamentals faqs

How to Fax from Computer

Faxes started in the early 1980s. The fax trend has been reduced to a great level due to the high availability of various technological devices that offer instant services to people. Gmail, Google Drives, Microsoft drive, and other cloud services have replaced the option of fax. It has become too easy, simple, and instant to deliver messages from one machine to another. But not to worry, still, the fax system is used in the current era also but not with that pace as it was used in its earlier decades. Some small businesses, government offices, and other organizations use fax to deliver the data, and the new emerging technologies such as Gmail and Google Drives enable us to send faxes online to one or more recipients. These organizations find sending a fax as a more secure method.

What is a fax and how it works

Fax is an abbreviation of Facsimile, which is also known as telecopying or telefacsimile (telefax). It is the transmission of scanned printed text or images (in the form of documents) from one telephone to another where telephone numbers are connected either to a printer or to other output devices. In order to send a fax, we use fax machines. These fax machines are connected to the telephone lines. We place the destination number in the fax machine where we want to transmit the document and use the phone line to do so. The documents which are to be transmitted are scanned via a fax machine known as telecopier. The telecopier process the contents of the document as a single and fixed graphic image, then convert it into a bitmap and finally transmit the document in the form of audio-frequency tones using the telephone system. On the other side, the person who receives the fax scans it and converts it into a digital file that can be easily read.

How to send fax

Earlier, we used the traditional fax machine to send fax from one place to another. But today it is the world of the internet. As we are all aware that today each and every task is internet-dependent, i.e., every task is executed by the use of the internet only. So, the internet has become the necessity of our life. Thus, organizations do not use the fax machine as was used earlier to transmit the documents at its target location. Instead, the organizations which still rely on the fax system make use of the internet to send fax using fax machines. But, it is not possible to directly connect a fax machine with the internet because a fax machine can only be connected to a telephone line and so there is no way to make a direct connection with the fax machine with the internet.

Now, it has become possible to send any fax without facing the complicated and annoying method, and that method is the use of a computer for sending the fax. With the help of Windows, Mac, Linux, or other operating-system we can send the fax. The Windows OS facilitates with an application, namely Fax and Scan, which allows sending faxes.

Here, we will learn the methods through which we can send faxes to the recipients using a computer.

Methods to send a Fax through a Computer

Probably, there are two methods through which we can fax our documents using a computer system. These methods are:

Using Fax modem

The method of sending a fax using a fax modem is the one in which we need to connect the fax modem with the computer system. We can easily fax from the computer either it has a Mac or Windows operating system. To send a fax using a fax modem, we need to collect the required things or equipment, and then only it is possible to send the fax. The required equipment are:

  • USB Fax modem: The USB fax modem makes it possible to send fax where we need to plug the modem to the USB port of the computer system. If we do not have the USB fax modem, purchase it from the market.
  • An active and workable telephone line: An active phone line is required to get connected to our fax modem. This phone line will be responsible for sending the fax from our computer to the recipients. Thus, we need a telephone to send the fax via the computer. Otherwise, we won’t be able to send it. If we do not have a telephone, we need to get one.

So, we need to fulfill these two requirements of the equipment in order to send fax from our computer using the fax modem approach.

Steps to send a fax using a fax modem

Step 1: Switch on the computer.

Step 2: Attach and connect the fax modem into the USB port of the computer. After that, connect the telephone line in the port present in the fax modem.

How to Fax from Computer

Note: Once you connect your phone line with the fax modem, no one is allowed to use the phone line until you send or receive the fax. It is because the phone line gets to indulge in processing the fax.

Step 3: Now, click on the Start button on your computer and search for ‘Windows Fax and Scan’ on the search bar. A snippet is shown below:

How to Fax from Computer

Step 4: Click on ‘Windows Fax and Scan’ and open it. The respective windows open up, as shown in the below snapshot:

How to Fax from Computer

Step 5: Click on ‘New Fax’ option present on the top-left side of the screen, as shown in the below snapshot:

How to Fax from Computer

Step 6: When you click on ‘New Fax’, a ‘Fax setup’ pop-up menu will open, asking to choose and provide a fax modem or server that will let you either send or receive the fax. You can see two options under it, i.e.,

  1. Connect to a fax modem: If you are using a fax modem for fax, choose and click on this option.
  2. Connect to a fax server on my network: If you are using a fax server, click on this option. But, you should know the name of the server to which you get connected.

Here, you need to choose the Fax modem option because here, we will learn to fax using a Fax modem. A snippet is shown below:

How to Fax from Computer

Step 7: Doing this will connect your system with the fax modem if you have connected it already. If not, it will show a warning that there is no modem currently installed on your system. After connecting, click OK to proceed further.

Step 8: Now, provide the recipient fax number in the ‘To’ textbox to whom you want to send the fax. Then below it, type the subject as per the fax you are sending in the ‘Subject’ textbox. A snapshot is shown below:

How to Fax from Computer

Step 9: Its time to write and create the fax that we want to send to the recipient number. In the text area, create the fax by writing and to attach any document (image, file, video, etc.), click on the ‘Attach’ icon present in the spiral form as shown in the below snapshot:

How to Fax from Computer

Step 10: Click OK.

Step 11: Now, when you have finally created and prepared the fax by attaching the required document, click on the ‘Send’ button. The fax will be sent to the recipient number you provided.

So, in this way, you can send the fax to one or more recipients using a Fax modem.

Using online services

To fax using online services is an alternate method where many service providers facilitate us to send fax to the selected recipients by using their services. There are many features provided in online services that allow us to send the fax. However, some service providers offer free fax services if we want to transmit a small number of pages to our recipients, but include ads and logo on the cover page to promote themselves. In case we need to fax a heavy document to the recipient that contains too many pages and do not want the ads cluttering, we can avail these fax services by paying some amount of money. Certain service charges a monthly or two monthly fees, and some offer a trial for such a period of time. Various online services enable us to send or receive the fax in which they have their own limit of pages that we can send or receive per month. Some of these services are mentioned below:

Online Services
eFaxHow to Fax from Computer
FAX.PLUSHow to Fax from Computer
metrofaxHow to Fax from Computer
HELLOFAXHow to Fax from Computer
RingCentral FaxHow to Fax from Computer
faxZEROHow to Fax from Computer
mFaxHow to Fax from Computer
myFaxHow to Fax from Computer
nextivaHow to Fax from Computer
Equisys ZetafaxHow to Fax from Computer
OpenText RightFaxHow to Fax from Computer

These are some of the rated online fax service providers. To check out the ratings, limitations, and other points, visit the websites and match your requirements. Apart from these services, there may be other services also.

Let’s discuss the steps through which a person can send a fax to its destination.

Steps to send a Fax using Online Services

As we have already discussed that there are various fax service providers, here we will learn the steps to transmit fax via faxZERO service.

Step 1: If the document is in hard copy format, scan those documents, and save it on your computer either in pdf or tif file format. It is recommended to keep the document in pdf format in order to store it in an electronic version.

Step 2: Open the web browser on your computer and visit the website. You can directly visit the website by using the link: A snippet is shown below:

How to Fax from Computer

Step 3: faxZERO allows sending five faxes free of cost in one day with a maximum of 3 pages, including the cover page per fax. It means a total of 15 pages with 5 cover pages you can send. When you open the website, you will see the below page as shown below:

How to Fax from Computer

Step 4: The faxZERO opens, and you can see the below page in which you will create and send your fax.

How to Fax from Computer

Step 5: You can see two columns, i.e., Sender Information and Receiver Information. Under the sender information, provide your name, company name (optional), email address, and phone number in the respective text boxes. A snapshot is shown below:

How to Fax from Computer

Step 6: Now, enter the details of the recipients to whom you need to send the fax in the Receiver Information. Provide the name of the recipient, name of the company (optional), and the fax number to which the fax will be transmitted. Enter these details in the respective text boxes. A snapshot is shown below:

How to Fax from Computer

Step 7: Scroll down, and you will see three buttons named ‘Choose Files’. Here, you can upload and attach three documents maximum. Click on “Choose Files’ and select the document from its location and attach it in the fax. A snapshot is shown below:

How to Fax from Computer

Note: As we are using a free service, the document must carry a maximum of three pages and not more than that. Also, it is better to have the document in pdf format.

Step 8: If you want to attach more documents to the fax, move, and again choose the file.

Step 9: After this, add the cover page information in the text area, as shown in the below snapshot:

How to Fax from Computer

Step 10: Finally, enter the ‘Confirmation Code’ given in the last. Ensure that you correctly enter the code in the Confirmation Code textbox. The code is a five-digit alphanumeric combination. The confirmation code is usually provided for confirming that you are not a spam service. A snapshot is given below and makes sure you correctly enter the code:

How to Fax from Computer

Step 11: Now, scroll down and click on the ‘Send Free Fax Now’ button present at the bottom-left corner of the fax page. As soon we click on the page, the fax created will be sent to the fax number of the listed recipient. A snapshot is shown below:

How to Fax from Computer

If you need to send more faxes than you can purchase the service by paying the given premium amount.

Receiving an Online Fax

Till now, we have discussed the ways through which we can send a fax from our system to our selected recipients. But there is still a question that “how we will receive a fax if someone sent it to us”. Just like there are online fax services provided for sending the fax, other services also allow us to receive a fax from the senders. These services provide a virtual fax phone number and send you the faxes on our email account in the form of pdf or tif. Such online services are FaxBetter and eFax, which allow us to receive faxes. We can view the received faxes, print them, and save them on our computer system. But as we saw that there are limited faxes that we can send to our recipients, similarly we can receive only a limited number of faxes at free of cost. However, if we need to receive more faxes, than we can purchase the premium pack by paying the required amount of money.

Computer fundamentals faqs

How much do Computer Programmers make

With the growing technology, more and more students, after completing their schooling, choose computer-related fields for their higher studies and find their careers in the same field. Programming is one such field in which many students find the interest and choose programming as their career option. There are a number of programmers present all over the globe, and they are paid as per the level of their skills and experience. Usually, a fresh coder has a low pay scale because they do not have enough practical knowledge and experience with the real-time implementation of the objects. If you are thinking of choosing programming as your career field and searching for the salary package of a computer programmer, you are in the right place.

Here, we will discuss the salary package of a computer engineer and let you know the skills you need to develop or to enhance your programming skills.

Who are Computer Programmers

Computer Programmers are the persons who learn to perform coding in different programming languages. Programming languages are the languages that allow the development of new logics so as to initiate the creation of new applications and software. A computer programmer learns to develop code in varying programming languages such as C, C++, Java, Php, etc. These languages are the basic level programming languages that are the base for all new emerging technologies. All the trending and emerging technologies are based on these basic programming languages only. These emerging technologies developers are none other than the computer programmers who use their basic level skills to develop and bring more powerful platforms for us.

What skills should one have to become a Computer Programmer

Well said! If your root is strong, you will definitely lead a bright future ahead. It means that if a person is quite clear with the basic concepts of a programming language, it becomes easy to move towards the programming career with confidence. There are so many people roaming who still don’t know whether they have their basic level concepts clear or not. Some people choose the programming field because their friends do so, and some choose it because they find a good salary scope in the future. If you are among these people, it is recommended to make up your own will and mind. It is because we run in the race with others without knowing our own interests, skills, and talent. In order to become a good computer programmer, have a look at the below-discussed points:

  • Initially, find your interest and make your mind clear that you want to move in the field of Computer Programming and want to grow yourself in this field only or you want to do something else.
  • After setting your mind, choose one programming language in which you find the highest interest because, in schools/colleges, we almost learn about each basic programming language. Choose the one in which you are at your best level.
  • Now, increase your skill level by learning more and more about the language and enhance your skills. There are various ways through which you can enhance your skills either by online learning platforms, joining coaching classes, coding bootcamps, or attending the lectures in the colleges. One can enhance the coding skills by regularly practicing the code by writing that will increase mind thinking ability and problem-solving skills. Inspite of this, some awesome computer programmers started learning to code on their own by spending a good amount of time on coding. So, there are many ways through which you can start coding and become a good programmer.

Salary of a Computer Programmer

How much do Computer Programmers make

If you are enough to clear and satisfied with your coding skills, you can expect your salary per provided by your experience level, organization level, and workplace. Everything covers up a level in which one starts from Level 1 and reaches the peak after gaining experience. Similarly, in the corporate world, different levels have been defined for every particular job. The salary ranges according to the level. If a person enters the corporate world as a fresher, the salary package is the lowest as compared to other levels, and as soon as the person reaches a higher level, the salary package also increases. The salary package of a computer programmer also depends on the programming language. It is because it is the world of technology where no technology is standstill. Thus, one needs to sharpen the skills and always need to remain updated. Usually, there are three levels or three types of computer programmers. These levels or types are:

  • Entry-Level Programmers: They are the beginners who have just entered the field of computer programming as a fresher. These freshers are usually those candidates who have just completed their degree/diploma programs from any recognized university/college and started their careers in the programming field. The entry-level programmers are kept under the guidance of a senior computer programmer to guide, assess, and assign tasks to the new programmers. An entry-level programmer, no doubt, has the least salary package among the three levels.
  • Junior-Level Programmers: These types of programmers are 1-9 years experienced group of people who have decided to move their career track in the programming field only. An entry-level programmer when completes one or more years of experience in the programming field, the person is promoted as a Junior computer programmer. As a junior-level programmer, the salary package differs on the basis of the skills and dedicated working hours for the company. If you are talented enough, working well, and the company finds you as a valuable employee, it is expected that you will achieve good growth in your annual package.
  • Senior-Level Programmers: When a person reaches its senior level, it means that person is known as a Computer Programmer Expert. The senior-level programmers are the experts who gain a high experience of around 10+years in the computer programming field. The advanced and emerging software and applications are devoted to these experts only. Such a group of people handles the biggest responsibilities of an organization. So, they are generally found strict and punctual for the work. All these things lead them to a great appraisal by the company. The senior-level computer programmers have the highest salary package.

Let’s discuss the salary package of the Computer Programmers as per their levels.

Entry-Level Computer Programmer

The average pay scale of a beginner computer programmer starts from around $52,000 per annum. In India, the average salary package is around Rs 5 Lacs per annum. However, it also depends on the type of organization and working place.

Junior-Level Computer Programmer

The salary of the junior programmer group is actually diversified because of their skills and experience level. However, the average salary of a junior programmer is around $65,000 per annum. In India, the average salary package of a junior computer programmer ranges between Rs 401444 – Rs 524,142. It also depends on the organization and the place of working.

Senior-Level Computer Programmer

A senior-level computer programmer earns the highest salary package. The average salary package of a senior computer programmer is around $96,000 per annum. The average salary of an Indian programming expert is around Rs 742,500 depending on the organization level and working place.

It is recommended that not to follow programming because of its scope, but follow if you have a passion for it.

Computer fundamentals faqs

How to Post on Instagram from Computer

Instagram is a social media application that has gained much popularity nowadays. It has become a trending application among the famous personalities as well as youngsters. People find Instagram more secured than Facebook. They prefer Instagram for posting their personal pictures, group photos, or videos. Although it is quite easy to post or upload pictures on Instagram using mobile phones, we can also share and upload our posts on Instagram using PC or laptops.

Here, we will learn the steps through which we can easily share our posts on Instagram using our Computer System.

Posting on Instagram Using Computer

We just need to follow the below steps if we wish to share our Instagram posts through our computer system:

1) Open Google Chrome or the web browser on our computer and search for Instagram in the search box. A snippet is shown below:

How to Post on Instagram from Computer

2) Click on the link, and it will redirect to the Instagram homepage. We can also use the provided link, i.e.,

3) After that, if we are using Instagram for the first time, we need to login into our Instagram account by providing the correct combination of email/Phone Number/username and password as shown in the below snapshot:

How to Post on Instagram from Computer

Note: We can also login to Instagram with our Facebook account.

Else skip to Step 6.

4) Somehow, if we forgot our password, we can click on the Forgot Password option and reset it again.

5) After the successful login into our account, we will be able to view the post and stories uploaded and shared by our connected followers and followings. Similarly, when we upload our posts, our Instagram family will be able to view our uploads. But the method of posting varies in a computer system.

6) When we post on Instagram using our mobile phones, we click on the ‘+’ (Add) icon and choose the file and post it. But on the computer, we are unable to view that Add icon as we can see in the below snapshot:

How to Post on Instagram from Computer

7) We need to change the settings and Toggle the device for posting the posts. For this, right-click on the screen anywhere. Click on ‘Inspect’ under it.

8) Now, the source code of the opened page will appear on the right side of the screen.

9) A ‘Toggle Device’ icon will be appearing on the code screen, as shown below:

How to Post on Instagram from Computer

10) Click on it, and the screen will be toggled as we can see in the below snapshot:

How to Post on Instagram from Computer

If no changes are seen, reload the page once either by pressing Ctrl + R or clicking on the ‘Reload’ icon, which is present at the top-left side before the address bar.

11) When the page gets loaded again, we can see the Add icon, including other icons at the bottom of the Instagram page screen. It is similar to the page that appears when we use Instagram on our mobile phone. A snapshot is shown below:

How to Post on Instagram from Computer

12) Click on the ‘Add’ icon for uploading the post. When we click on the icon, it will open File Explorer of the computer as shown in the below snippet:

How to Post on Instagram from Computer

Move to the location or desired place where our images or videos are present that we want to post on Instagram.

13) After doing so, select those photos or videos for uploading, and click on the ‘Open’ button present at the bottom-right side of the File Explorer screen. A snapshot is shown below:

How to Post on Instagram from Computer

Now, the photos or videos we selected will begin to upload on Instagram.

14) Before uploading the post, Instagram will ask for a preview of the selected photos. It allows editing our selected photos. If we want to make any change, click on the Edit button. Click on Next.

How to Post on Instagram from Computer

15) It will ask for writing a description for the post, add location, or tag people for our post. Add the asked information, and adding the location and tagging people is optional, by the way. A snapshot is shown below:

How to Post on Instagram from Computer

Click on the ‘Share’ button at the top-right side of it, as shown in the above snapshot.

16) At last, our post will get uploaded in few seconds and shared with our Instagram family. We and our connectors will be able to see the post as we can see in the below snapshot:

How to Post on Instagram from Computer

17) Just wait for the likes and comments on the post.

So, by following these few simple steps, we can easily make a post on Instagram using a computer also.

Computer fundamentals faqs

How to Build a Computer

Similarly asked Questions:

  • How to build a PC
  • How to build your own PC in 2020
  • Can I build my own computer
  • How to build a desktop computer
  • How to build a PC step-by-step

Although it seems difficult when thinking of building a computer, it is an interesting task to be done. If you are a beginner, it might take a little time to understand each step and implementing it practically. A computer is an electronic device, so by connecting the parts of the computer at their right place will definitely build a good and perfect computer. As a beginner, you have just purchased a computer from the shop till now, but it is also possible to build your own computer. It is not an impossible task only there is a need to pick out the right components and carefully make connections in the right-slots and connectors.

How to Build a Computer

Here, in this tutorial, we will take a step-by-step tour and understand each step deeply so that we might find it easy to build. There is no need to worry about it because we will let you know where to start from. Also, we will see the components which are best suited for building a computer.

Choosing the Right Components

It is highly essential to choose and pick the correct and good parts of a computer system. The right selection of the components will lead to a compatible and efficient building of a computer. However, if we select incompatible computer parts, it will create certain issues, money wastage, damage to other products, and arguments with the shopkeepers for returning such unresponsive and poor quality parts. So, one should be careful enough while dealing with the most crucial parts of the computer. If chosen correctly, there are the following components that will lead to a successful building of the computer that will work similarly to the computer that we have purchased from the shops.

We need the following components for building a computer:

  • Cases: It is the first essential part of a computer building. These cases are present in different form factors as per the size of the computer we build. Choose a suitable case as per the need. A Computer Case looks like:
    How to Build a Computer
  • PSU: Power Supply Unit or PSU is used for supplying the required power to each part of the computer. The best selection of PSU should begin at 500 Watts. Select a modular, reliable, branded, and efficient PSU for building the computer. It will be an expensive deal, but it is an important component, so it should be chosen best. A recommendation is to choose EVGA SuperNOVA750 GA PSU, which is the best PSU until now. However, other options are also available. A Computer PSU looks like:
    How to Build a Computer
  • CPU: It is the Central Processing Unit of the computer system. Thus, it is known as the brain of the computer system. It is an essential part of a computer because the whole processing of the computer depends on a CPU. We can use AMD and Intel for building desktop processors. The best CPU is no doubt expensive enough and should be compatible with the motherboard. It is because it sockets directly into the motherboard. It should have the best coolers so that it will be prevented from the overheating and slow responding processors. The best options for CPU are Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 3, which are the best until now. A CPU looks like:
    How to Build a Computer
  • Motherboard: It is an important circuit board element to which other components are plugged-in. It is the heart of a computer on which the lifeline of the computer depends. It is the bridge that is used by the other components to make collaboration and communication with one another. A motherboard should match with the same socket type of the CPU. Also, it is cheapest in comparison to all other components of the computer. In the market, there are varying sizes and configurations available. Their working is similar, but they look dissimilar. The recommended motherboards are ASUS ROG Strix B450-F and MSI MPG Z490, which are best until now. A computer motherboard looks like:
    How to Build a Computer
  • RAM: Random Access Memory or RAM is the memory of the computer. It comes in different bytes so we can select RAM according to the need. We can select 32GB or 64GB RAM for our computer. Also, it should meet and support the same clock speed. A RAM known as DDR4 RAM is used for the desktop computer, which can store gaming data and program for the CPU, and other components can easily and fastly access the required data when needed. It is the speedy and fastest RAM available. Almost all types of motherboards support DDR4 RAM. Some of the DDR4 RAMs are G.Skill Ripjaws V Series32 GB 288-Pin RAM and Corsair Vengeance LPX, which are the best RAM until now. A Computer RAM looks like:
    How to Build a Computer
  • Storage: It is the storeroom of a computer where we store all our files and other data such as movies, games, or photos. We can also add more storage if required in the future. Storage is responsible for installing operating systems on the computer. It is recommended to use SSD (Solid State Drive) for installing the Operating System to our computer. The price and performance vary for different SSDs. The suggested SSD is WD Blue 1TB Internal SSD, which is the best until now. One of such storage is shown below:
    How to Build a Computer
  • GPU: Graphics Processing Unit or GPU is not a much essential part of building a computer because it is needed when we are a gamer and love to play games on the computer. It is also known as Graphics Card. We need a Graphics Card for videos or photos editing as well as for handling primarily visual data. The recommended Graphics Cards are MSI Radeon RX 570, MSI GeForce GTX 1660, and MSI GeForce RTX 2060. A GPU looks like:
    How to Build a Computer

So, we need to collect all these hardware parts for building a computer. We can easily get these parts from the electronic shops. After collecting all these essential components, please ensure whether they are working properly so that no conflict may arise later on.

Apart from these essential tools, keep a toolkit containing screwdrivers, screws, LED, and other common tools.

Safety Measures

It is necessary to keep safety measures before getting started with our main job, i.e., building a computer. These safety measures are as follows:

  • Look for a clean workspace where we will keep all the components and other essential tools. A clean space is essential because a tiny hair can create conflict while building the computer.
  • The clean workspace should be large enough that we can keep the case and other components at some distance from one another.
  • Avoid wearing wool socks or any other type that is a good conductor of heat. It is required to take precautions for ourselves also because we use static electricity that can be harmful to us. We can use anti-static wristband as a precaution. A wristband looks like:

One end wraps around our hand in the wristband, and the other end clips on the computer.

  • Remove the carpet or any such item from the floor. The floor should be empty because carpets produce high static and wear shoes or sandals when connecting the computer parts.
  • Do not unwrap those components from the bag on which we are not working. It is because most of these components are wrapped under anti-static bags, so do not touch them if not using them.
  • Use the guide that comes with each computer components and follow the guides as the precautions.

Steps to build a computer

Let’s get started building the computer by connecting these components at the right place and make a workable electronic machine. There are the following steps we need to follow to start building the computer:

Step 1: Open the Case

The foremost step is to open the case and lay it down on the floor. Opening and preparing the case is the easiest step to be done. Remove the side panel of the case and also remove anything which is creating noise or dangling inside the case. It is because it may create a problem afterward. If it is attached too tight, push it and remove it. After doing so, keep the case aside for some time.

Step 2: Everything needs a power supply to get started.

PSU is the first component of the computer case, which is present at the top or bottom corner of the case. In the case, there are variants of PSU present, i.e., Standard PSU and Modular PSU, which are the main power supplies, and in addition, a hybrid semi-modular PSU also exists. Modular PSUs carry cables that detach from the main unit in order to avoid clutter, and it is ideal for smaller cases. See the type of PSU, which is present in our case, and if it is modular, leave the cables out for now and run them at the time of installing the additional component. However, the cables do not detach, bind, and bundle altogether, and they will hang out at the open side panel of the case. Bundling the cables will keep them aside until we are installing the other components of the computer.

Step 3: Install the CPU

It is time to take out the motherboard and prepare it by installing or connecting the CPU, its cooler, and RAM before attaching in the case. We can also connect these components after fitting them in the case, but it will become quite difficult to attach them to the computer. Thus, it is better and easy to install the CPU, RAM, and coolers in this step only, i.e., before fitting the motherboard in the case. Remove the motherboard from its anti-static bag and place it on a flat and non-metal surface such as on the desktop. Carefully connect and install the CPU on the motherboard because there are too many pins on the motherboard, so ensure that the CPU is seated correctly on the motherboard. The installation process of the processor varies according to the type of processor purchased. Let’s discus.

Process to install an Intel Processor

In the Intel processor, pins reside in the modern Intel sockets on the motherboard that makes the CPU installation easy. This part of the socket is known as the Contact Array.

Note: Do not try to bend or touch these pins.

How to Build a Computer

A load plate is responsible for holding the CPU at its right place. The load plate is raised and lowered using the load lever. When it is clamped down, the end of it tucks under a hook for keeping everything at their right places. Open the Load plate by pushing it down on the load arm and move it out from under the hook. After that, raise it up all the way. The load plate will be opened by the action of the hook’s lever, which can be easily flipped up. In a new motherboard, it might be covered with a foam filter, remove it gently. Place the CPU in the socket in such a way that the outer rim lies flush with the socket body, and there is no need to put any pressure because we can do it easily. Make use of the load arm to lower the plate over the chip, push it and again clip the arm under the hook by putting some pressure to do it. Also, make sure that the notches (present at each side of the chip in the shape of half-circle) in the processor should align with those present in the socket.

Process to install an AMD Processor

The installation process of an AMD processor is different from that of the Intel processor. The design of an AMD Processor also varies from the Intel Processor. In an AMD processor, pins are placed out from the processor.

How to Build a Computer

The pins of the AMDs processor are inserted into the holes which are embedded in the CPU socket of the motherboard. The load arm shifts the hole slightly, and when we press it down, the pins get gripped on the processor. Somehow, if it is not so, raise the arm to point it up straight and leave it to rest afterward. Doing this will ensure that the holes are wide open for the pins. Avoid using notches and use a gold engraved triangle on a CPU corner to correctly line up the processor in the slot. As soon we successfully place the processor in the slot, press the arm by applying some pressure downwards until it clicks at its correct place and locks in.

Step 4: Installing the RAM

Unlike in the previously discussed steps, the installation of RAM is not a big deal. We just need to keep two points in mind, i.e., we have selected a compatible RAM and the direction and slot choice for installing the RAM. The direction is too easy to be chosen. All the memory stick carries notches in the contacts lining the bottom edge that creates a line up with a block of the memory slot present in the motherboard. Hold the line above the slot and the two lines in the upward direction facing the right side. If unable to do so, rotate it in a 180-degree angle. The selection of slots for placing the RAM depends on the factors such as how we have purchased the RAM because if it is a single stick, we need to install it in the A1 slot. Install the sticks in their respective slots with their matching colors, which are labeled A1 and B1 or A2 and B2. For other types, we can read the directions given in the manual of the motherboard. After knowing the correct slot and direction for the RAM, now push the plastic wings at one of the ends of the slot down and outwards (may be motherboard have two). After this, place the stick at the slot stuck straight up and push it down until the RAM fits into the slot. Finally, the plastic bags are placed back in and clamp the stick’s end.

Step 5: Installing the motherboard

Modern cases consist of non-removable spacers which are in-built between the back wall and motherboard. We call it as Standoffs. These standoffs are like the floor for the motherboard, which helps prevent the connections on the back from any kind of short-circuit. Some cases have removable standoffs which need to be installed manually. These are screws that are copper or gold-colored and have another screw hole on its top. The orientation of the motherboard varies as per the case we have. A rectangular cut-out will be present for the motherboard I/O panel, either at the back or top. An I/O shield is also shipped with the motherboard, which is installed, and then we align the I/O panel, and then we can see the screw holes of the motherboard aligned with the standoffs in the case. However, if not so, just wiggle the motherboard so that it snaps into the shield, and standoffs align properly. After connecting the motherboard successfully in the case, two more connections are still required:

Conn 1: The power connection of a motherboard is a two-row cable wide enough to fit into a similar-looking spot on the board itself. The cable has 28 pin connectors approximately that give power to the motherboard as well as to the CPU. If there is a second 4-pin or 8-pin connector for the processor placed in the top-corner side, plug-in too.

Conn 2: Now, we need to connect the case plugs and buttons to the motherboard. A double-wide row of pins is used for running the USB ports, buttons for reset and power, and the activity LEDs for power and storage purposes. These small cables run in a bundle from the ports placed in the case.

At the end, the USB header will be connected to the front-facing ports of the motherboard itself.

Step 6: Installing the CPU coolers

Now, we need to install the CPU coolers using a thermal paste that is a good thermal conductor that allows the transfer of heat from the chip to the cooler. We just need the paste to get a cure, and then the installation is over. But to fully power the fan systems, plug the wires from the fan into a 4-pin connection over the motherboard. These 4-pin connectors are close to the processor, and we can easily find by its labeled name “CPU_FAN”.

Step 7: Installing the Graphics Card

As told earlier, every system does not need to install the Graphics Card. If we are not a gamer, skip this step. In the modern graphics card, a PCI-Express slot is present, which is a long and thin connector present on the motherboard. Remove the rectangular backplate to place the card in the slot. The slot is a thin metal bracket which is lined down at the back of the case so as to keep it sealed up. Use the motherboard manual and search for the PCI slot, which is a horizontal slot with a plastic latch. The PCI slot is the slot for the GPU. Place and settle the GPU at the slot by pushing its back (the back has HDMI and display ports) with the back of our case. If it gets successfully inserted, the GPU gets locked into the slot. Connect the cables coming out of the power supply in the GPU rectangular or square socket (6 or 8 little holes). Finally, the GPU gets installed in the case.

With respect to the installation of the GPU, we can install the other expansion cards also. The PCI slot is not only for installing the GPU but also for other expansion cards too such as sound, video-capturing, wireless networking, and other storage cards.

Step 8: Installing the storage drives

There are three varieties in the size of the storage drives which have their own connecting method. The usual sizes of a HDD are 3.5-inch larger, and a SSD is 2.5-inch smaller. The case consists of at least one slot for placing such type of drives. To install a drive, slot it into a mount on the cage and make alignment of the screw holes on the sides of the drive with those on the cage. It is essential to ensure that the face of the power and data connectors is in the inward direction. After successful alignment, use the screw to settle the drive at its place. If we are using a modern case, it becomes easy to install the components due to the presence of a tool-less installation system. If we have to install a 2.5-inch size drive in the case, we need to take the help of the manual to mount the drive correctly in the case.

For connecting the hard drives, we need to make two connections. The first connection is for power, and the other is for the data. These two connections are L-shaped, so there will be no incorrect plug-in problem. We can easily plug them correctly in their correct slots. So, as we have mounted the GPU to its PCI-Express slot, similarly, we can do for the PCI-Express storage drives also.

Step 9: Moving towards the final connections

Before making the final connections, it is essential to check out all the connections of the components, whether performed and completed successfully or not. Check out the motherboard connection because it is too easy to spot if it is not connected properly. Check out the 4-pin or 8-pin connectors of the motherboard, getting the proper power supply. After this, check whether CPU coolers are getting proper power supply from the motherboard or not. Now, check the HDD are getting powers in the form of L-shaped SATA connectors. Lastly, the GPU should get the needed power and look out if all the connections are done properly. Carefully view all the installations we made until now and ensure that each computer component is installed and connected properly at their own places and slots.

Step 10: Finally power on

After double-checking, all the installations, switch on the power supply and press the power button. Now, if all our connections are properly done, the system will start to boot. As soon as the booting process begins, we need to start the installation of the Operating System. After successfully installing the Operating system, install the drivers on the system. Check out other installation and check for the ‘Update & Security’ in the system. Update the required software on the system, and hence in this way, we can successfully build our own computer by following some proper guidance and preventions.

Computer fundamentals faqs

How to factory reset a computer

Generally, we need to reset a system when it becomes too old or running out of memory. We need to remove the data and remove such issues from the computer. Resetting a system is the best way to handle such a sluggish and unresponsive system. Instead of throwing away such system or spending dollars on it, factory reset is the best trick and way to overcome the problem. It is also advised that we should factory reset the computer system once in a year because it will save and prevent our system from speed problems or any other problematic factors.

Here, we will learn the method through which we can factory reset a computer.

What is Factory Reset

A factory reset is the restoration of the computer software back to its original state. The factory reset is also known as Master reset. It removes all the data and changes and brings the system to its previous state. Only the software and programs which are pre-installed in the computer are not affected by the Factory reset. So, if we need to keep our data and do not want to lose it, backup is an option for it. Backup all the important files and data which you do not want to keep on the computer.

Requirements for Factory Reset

There should be any of the followings things applicable in the computer for restoring our system to its factory settings:

  1. We need an original Windows installation disc. Such a disc has Windows setups like Windows XP, 7,8, 8.1 Pro, or Windows 10.
  2. There should be a recovery partition installed in our computer system, which is generally installed by the manufacturer of the computer like HP, Lenovo, Dell, etc.
  3. Any sets of recovery disks are also applicable that comes with the computer when we buy it from the seller. These discs are used for factory restore.

Any of these requirements, when fulfilled, we can easily proceed to the factory reset.

Apart from these, if we are unable to fulfill these discussed requirements, we have some other options available too. They are:

  1. We can use the ‘System Restore’ option, which is provided in every Windows version. Also, this feature is enabled by default in Windows. This feature is able to restore the computer to its factory settings. But, take care of whether the system Restore is enabled in the system.
  2. We can use Recovery Essentials, which is present in the Windows Operating System. But we can use this option for suitable errors only. Such recovery essentials are not applicable to every kind of errors. A recovery essential is known as the ‘Automated Repair’ feature that can help to handle automatically and fix the boot errors plus its system Restore option to quickly restore our system. It allows to access and backup files, antiviruses, essential files, antivirus, and other data also.

But, these options should be applied in case there is an urgent need for the factory reset. These are the emergency points to save our data and computer from tactic problems. Otherwise, proceed with the above-discussed requirements only.

Steps to Factory Reset a Computer

Here, we will discuss the steps to factory reset the computer system having Windows 10 Operating System:

Step 1: Backup all the important files and other data.

Step 2: Search and connect the disks (as discussed above) with the computer so that it may help to restore the computer to its factory settings.

Step 3: Open the Settings on the computer either by searching on the search bar or press Windows + A keys together, and a panel will open at the right corner. Click on the ‘Settings’ option.

How to factory reset a computer

Step 4: The ‘Settings’ windows will open up. Click on the ‘Update & Security’ icon from it. A snapshot is shown below:

How to factory reset a computer

Step 5: In the ‘Update& Security’ window, select and click on’ the Recovery’ option present appearing in the panel at the left corner. As you can see in the below: snapshot:

How to factory reset a computer

Step 6: We can see three options under the ‘Recovery’ page. As we have to factory reset the system, so we need to go with the first option, i.e., Reset this PC. Click on ‘Get Started’ under this option. We can also go with the Advanced Startup option, but it will deeply modify the system. So’ its better to go with the first option. A snapshot is shown below:

How to factory reset a computer

Step 7: The reset process will begin. Initially, it will ask to choose from’ Keep my files’ or ‘Remove Everything’. Pick out an option and proceed to ‘Next’ as shown below:

How to factory reset a computer

Here, we have selected the ‘Remove Everything’ option.

Step 8: Just follow the instruction according to your picked option, and finally, the reset window will open. Think again and reset the system by clicking on the Reset button. If you wish to cancel, click on the Cancel button.

How to factory reset a computer

Difference between Factory Reset and Hard Reset

The below table describes the differences between both terms:

Factory ResetHard Reset
The reset option resets the entire computer system, i.e., it erases A to Z information of an electronic device such as computers, laptops, mobiles, etc.It is the subpart of the factory reset that is used for resetting hardware devices. It only reboots the hardware of the electronic system.
When we apply the factory reset, the whole system gets formatted.When we apply hard reset, only the particular hardware gets formatted. For example, if we want to reset a PenDrive, we can connect it to the computer and format it easily. It brings the device back to its original state.
A factory reset is a time-consuming process because t retrieves all the date from the system and then erases it one by one.It is a very quick process because we only reset the particularly affected hardware devices and not the entire system in a hard reset.
It is more efficient and should be done at least once a year.It is efficient and may be done when necessary or when any problem occurred.
Computer fundamentals faqs

What are the disadvantages of a computer?

Although a computer has many advantages that provide benefits for people in different areas, there are also various disadvantages to a computer. Below is given a list of many of the disadvantages of a computer and described what kind of problem you may face.

  • Too much sitting
    If you are sitting for a long time and becoming a mouse potato to use a computer, it can lead to health problems. Also, users have to turn their back in terms of the curve when they use a computer, which also causes them to distract their body posture. As scientists have researched that standing for a long time is not healthy, so replacing a traditional desk for a standing desk is not a perfect solution. But the standing desk may be better as compared to sitting. To overcome these problems, you can take breaks where you move stretch, around, and exercise.
  • Carpal tunnel and eye strain
    A person who spends too much time on the computer can face a problem like carpal tunnel syndrome as a computer requires a lot of repetitive movement.
    As you are required to move your body parts to operate the computer, for example, typing and moving hand to the mouse are repetitive actions that can cause injuries. Understanding computer ergonomics, keeping the proper posture, and taking breaks can all help delay or prevent these injuries.
  • Short attention span and too much multitasking
    Today’s almost all people have become hooked on instant gratification with computers, computer devices, and the Internet. It has become a reason to use a computer every day. As you surf the Internet on the computer or computer devices and ask any question, it gives you immediate answers to your questions that become habituated to getting quick dopamine fix. You can get frustrated easily when you are not getting an answer in a timely manner, or something does not work speedily.
    Also, it is not uncommon to work on more than one task at the same time with a reduced attention span. Because it has been studying that multitasking is not more productive can be caused bad for your brain and more mistakes in the work.
  • Potential of loss of privacy
    As the computer can store a large amount of data and if you store your personal data, or information on the computer, it can be at risk of getting into the hands of others. Once your personal information has been stolen by any malicious person, they can use the information to access your online accounts or use identity theft to open other accounts, such as a new debit or credit card under your name.
  • Can limit learning and create a dependency
    If you use a computer that has an Internet connection, it can be a perfect place to get information about any topic. Getting knowledge about anything makes you dependent on the computer and other electronic devices. For example, to find spelling errors, an auto-correct or spell checker is a perfect tool that offers the benefit of finding mistakes and make the correct spelling of a word. However, if you always depend on the spell checker or auto-correct tools and never learn the proper spelling of a word, you are more likely to make spelling errors.
    Also, there are many other helpful tools available, such as GPS, grammar checkers, and calculators. However, you may be helpless when they are not working if you are overly dependent on these tools.
  • Time sink and lots of distractions
    Although a computer can be a great creation to increase your productivity, it can also be harmful in terms of wasting too much time. For example, you are learning about any particular topic and see any other interesting link, such as playing games. Then, you click on the link and spend more time playing games. After two hours, you realize you have wasted your time and not achieved your original goal. Furthermore, you can get distracted while trying to work with the popularity of social networks and notifications
  • Can reduce jobs
    Computers can also become the reason to replace the need for many jobs as they are more capable and smarter. For example, if a human can do any work within one hour, the computer can do that work in very few times. Thus, computers are reducing the requirement for many jobs that are also becoming inappropriate for the future.
  • Increases waste and impacts the environment
    Computers and other electronics are increasing rapidly and replacing old devices. People get thrown all the old devices that have a substantial impact on the environment.
  • You could become anti-social or depressed
    It is very easy for users to become anti-social with the computer as it has the ability to perform almost all work speedily. For example, if you are playing any game like World of Warcraft or other, they can consume too much time to end up. Also, there are many people who mostly depend on online shopping; they rarely go out to shop with others and that you become easily introvert.
    Social networks can also be the reason to become your anti-social. There are many social networking applications like Facebook, Instagram, and more that offer you the option to make more than thousands of friends. You will spend a lot of time with your social network friends, but you may rarely communicate with your real-life friends. It has been studying; the social networking sites can be depressing as people tend to compare their lives with others on social networking sites and people believing that other people’s lives are so much better than theirs.
    Trolls, abuse, stalking, and exploitation
    A person who spends more time on the Internet can face abusive or trolls’ people. Over the years, another issue cyberbullying is also increasing speedily. Unfortunately, it is much easier to encounter these types of people with the anonymous nature of the Internet. With more and more people sharing information on the Internet, you can be tracked on the Internet by hackers or unauthorized persons in terms of stealing your personal information. There are also some online services available that can be used by hackers to find information about people.
  • Heavy Reliance in the Workforce
    Sometimes the computer can be devastating due to power loss or system crash for many businesses as they heavily rely on the computer. They can lose valuable files permanently that can have an effect for a long time.
Computer fundamentals faqs

What are the advantages of a computer?

There are many advantages to using a computer. Below is given a list that contains the main advantages of computers.

What are the advantages of a computer

Increase your productivity

Computers help increase user productivity, and users become more productive at everything you do on the software running on the computer with a good understanding. For instance, when you have work on an Excel worksheet with a basic understanding, you can create, edit, delete, store, calculation, and print documents and letters. With all pre-existing technologies, all of these things were either impossible or much slower.

Can store massive amounts of information and reduce waste

One of the most useful advantages of computers is able to store and access vast amounts of data, which can be retrieved in the future. For example, a computer system and devices like eBook readers have enough storage capacity as they can store hundreds or thousands of books. Also, you can store movies, pictures, songs digitally, and documents on the computer, and can quickly find data accordingly and share information between devices. It reduces plastics and paper requirements that are used to make non-digital versions of the media.

Connects you to the Internet

A computer has the ability to connect you to the network or the Internet. Once you connected, you can search for any type of information and can download audio, video, movies, documents, and more.

Helps sort, organize, and search through information

A computer system can use its stored information more appropriately as compared to another device. As it is described earlier that a computer can store thousands of books. The stored books on the computer can be organized into alphabetized categories, which help users to find information correctly in less than a minute. If humans try to find certain information manually from hundreds or thousands of books, it will take much time or months.

Keeps you connected

Computers help you to connect with your friend, family, or other relatives with long-distance through e-mail and social networking. Also, you can connect with more than thousands of people via online mediums VoIP and chat services, such as Line, Skype. The connectivity between you and people all around the world is also a better way to meet long-distance people over the network. Although you cannot meet physically with people over the Internet, you can still share your ideas, feelings, and make touch with them.

As compared to other forms of communication, to communicate on the Internet is fast. For instance, postal mail could take much time or days to arrive where on the Internet, you can send e-mail to anyone that will be reached in less than a few minutes.

Get a better understanding of data

Computers also help users to understand data better. For instance, there could be a database of sold items in a business. A businessman can identify what products are sold best quantity time of year and what items are not selling with the help of stored data on the computer. To get this type of information about the business can provide a better understanding of their customers, and can increase business growth by eliminating issues in production.

Can help you learn and keep you informed

When you connected to the Internet on the computer, it helps you to provide answer almost all questions and teaches you anything that your interests. You can also keep up-to-date yourself with all of the latest news, weather, and stories around the world. Also, by watching videos and reading websites, you could learn a new profession. You can learn online about any subject by signing up for desired online courses.

You can earn money

You can make money by the computer in many different ways when it is connected to the Internet. For instance, you can create and run an online store as it is much cheaper as compared to have a physical store. Also, when you create a once online store, you can sell your product to anyone in the world as your product would a large network of audiences on the Internet. Additionally, you can also earn money on the computer with a spreadsheet, which is a perfect tool to breakdown your spending and keep track of your finances.

Improves your abilities

If you have poor grammar, math, you are not the best speller, and do not have a great memory, or need some other help, y56ou can improve your abilities with the help of a computer. Also, if you are a hard learner, you can depend on the computer as an assistant.

Improves your employment options

If you have a computer and know how to use a computer, you can improve your employment options and can work from home. For example, sometimes it may be a condition for any organization to allow work from home to their employees. Like, many offices needed their employees to work from home in the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak. Even during the crisis, having a computer at home and knowing how to operate a computer, many offices allowed workers to continue their work from home.

Can help automate and monitor

A computer is programmed to perform actions or complete a task. Once a computer has been programmed to complete a task, it can repeat that task as many times as needed. For example, a computer has been programmed to print documents by the printer; then, you can repeat this task many times according to your requirement.

A computer can also be programmed to wait for something to occur and can automate most imaginable tasks. For instance, a camera is connected to the computer that allows you to watch movements, and when detected, send an alert and start recording.

Save time

Today, there are many services that the computer can complete with very few times and can save your time. Several examples are given below:

  • You can view your bank balance without going to the branch office physically; you can check the balance by any online banking site from anywhere. Also, you can pay online bills for electricity, cylinder, etc.
  • You can purchase many products without having to leave your home by using any shopping sites like Amazon. Purchasing products in this way, you can save your much time. Also, you can find many of the same products on different sites at the same price or cheaper.
  • If you want to order something for eating from your favorite restaurant and your restaurant has a website, you can order any food accordingly without having to wait in line.
  • To find the quickest route, you can view online maps and traffic cameras with traffic information.

Keep you entertained

A computer also keeps your entertainment, as you can listen to millions of songs and watch videos or movies when connected to the Internet. Also, you can store offline songs, videos, or movies on the computer that can be played anytime without an Internet connection. There are also popular sites, like Amazon, Netflix, and YouTube, which offer an endless amount of streaming and online videos.

Find love in your life

Computers and the Internet make it very easy to connect with other people all over the world. Through which you can found the love for your lives by online dating sites on the Internet.

Computer fundamentals faqs

What are the disadvantages of the Internet?

Although the Internet has various benefits and is one of the most powerful creations, it also contains many disadvantages. Below is given a list of the complete disadvantages of the Internet.

What are the disadvantages of the Internet

1. Addiction, time-waster, and causes distractions

If any person is spending much time on the Internet connected devices, he can be addicted to the Internet. An Internet addictive person can lead to spending his precious time on the Internet, rather than doing something productive. Thus, anyone who is addicted to surf the Internet can hamper workplace productivity as well.

2. Bullying, trolls, stalkers, and crime

A person who uses the Internet very frequently can face abusive or trolls’ people. Another issue cyberbullying is also increasing rapidly over the years. Sometimes, you can be tracked on the Internet by hackers or unauthorize persons; they can be harmful to you by stealing your personal information.

If you are spending your more time on the Internet, so it will be easier for hackers to find your personal information through various means. To run business without as much fear of being caught, the web deep, and the hidden places on the internet can also be a place for criminals. Additionally, there are several people that provide criminals more ways to solicit their goods.

3. Spam and advertising

The Internet is the best place to advertise any service or product as compared to traditional advertising methods (for example, TV, newspaper, and radio). But you might see more spam in your inbox than junk mail in real life because digital advertising can be sent on a massive scale.

4. Pornographic and violent images

In modern times, there is a huge amount of content available on the Internet. Also, there are various resources that contain a large amount of data, such as Wikipedia, and some sites are also available that have less desirable content. Accordingly, users can see pornographic or violent images that they may not want to see while using sites.

5. Never being able to disconnect from work

The Internet is the best creation to offer connectivity and enable people to work from anywhere. Therefore, anyone can expect you to be available any time to work, even if you are not available to work there. For instance, you have received an important work-related e-mail while you may be at home and then without getting paid, end up working on the content of that e-mail.

6. Identity theft, hacking, viruses, and cheating

There are various malicious users and computer hackers that can steal your personal information and hack accounts, which can be used for identity theft and can be harmful to you personally. As the Internet connects all computers to each other, so hackers can quickly identify what computers are vulnerable to attack by scanning millions of computers. Additionally, the Internet also enables students to find others to do their homework and offers ways to cheat on their studies.

7. Affects focus and patience

The sites have an instant gratification effect that we use on the Internet every day. On-demand, they also offer a large amount of menu of things to experience and think at any moment. Getting information this way can affects your interactions and make you more impatient and less focused on your activities. To solve this problem, try to focus on more productive real-life activities like exercise or cleaning, and balance this natural effect with time away from social media.

8. Health issues and obesity

If you are surfing the Internet frequently, playing games and spending too much time on the computer, it can also lead to obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle. Also, a person who spends too much time on the computer can face a problem like carpal tunnel syndrome as a computer requires a lot of repetitive movement.

You are required to move your body parts to operate the computer, for example, typing and moving hand to the mouse are repetitive actions that can cause injuries. Understanding computer ergonomics, keeping the proper posture, and taking breaks can all help delay or prevent these injuries.

9. Depression, loneliness, and social isolation

The Internet also becomes a reason lead to depression as many people tend to compare their lives with others on social networking sites. Social networking sites provide users the option to make thousands of friends and communicate with each other. There are also available online games that allow players to communicate with others. Although social networking sites can give you benefits to find new connections all over the world, you may find yourself disconnected from your real-life friends.

10. Buying things that you don’t need

The Internet provides advantages for consumers to make purchasing, so users can purchase products frequently without putting much thought into whether they should. Also, some people can be addicted to buying items on the Internet that can cause serious debt.

11. Not a safe place for children

The Internet may not be more useful for children as they are spending much time on the Internet. Also, there are many unethical and pornography communities are available on the Internet that can cause to distract their mind. Therefore, the Internet is not beneficial for children as they can bypass parental protection with the help of different tools available on the Internet. Furthermore, if children are allowed to use the Internet, they can be addicted to it, which is also very dangerous.

12. Viruses/Malwares

The frequently use of the Internet may infect your system from viruses that can damage your valuable data, which is difficult to recover. These viruses enter into the system through USBs, CIDs, and the Internet. Also, because of viruses, your system can become totally worthless.

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What are the advantages of the Internet?

The Internet is one of the powerful creations that offer people endless knowledge and entertainment. Today the Internet plays a critical role in many areas. There are multiple advantages of the Internet, below is given a list of benefits of the Internet.

Connectivity, communication, and sharing

In the past days, if you sent a letter or someone sent you, it could take days and sometimes even months to a reach letter at the destination. In modern times, you can send a letter or important information to anyone in the e-mail all over the world through the Internet. And, it often will be delivered to the destination in less than a minute.

What are the advantages of the Internet

You can also use other forms of communication, such as VOIP and chat, they also enable you to send any information instantly to anyone in the world. With the Internet, online forums also allow people to connect with each other where they can share common interests and talk about what they enjoy. Furthermore, you can share your ideas or views with anyone by making an online video call through applications like skype, line, etc.

Information, knowledge, and learning

The Internet allows people to learn information about any topic and offers an answer to any type of question, as it contains endless knowledge and information. Using a search engine like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and more, they all allow users to ask any question and find a web page with an answer about that question. You can also watch videos about any topic on sites like YouTube, which contain millions of videos of several topics. Also, you can learn online courses in many different subjects.

Address, mapping, and contact information

The Internet can help users to provide information almost every place in the world on the map with the help of GPS technology. You can find businesses in your area or the quickest route to your location. Although, today’s search engines are most powerful to know the user’s location and help offer the relevant searches for your area. Also, it can provide you the contact information or address of any showroom or other services man. For example, if you want to get the address of an electrician, you can search for an electrician and get a list of local electricians in your area with their address.

Selling and making money

If you want to sell products and services or run a business, the Internet is the best place to sell goods. Because anyone can find and access your website all over the world with the help of the Internet. With online business, you are able to sell goods every day at all times as the Internet is always on and always available. Also, the Internet provides the advantage to promote your business online in the world through advertising. Additionally, there are several ways to earn money online by performing other online services.

Banking, bills, and shopping

If you want to view your bank balance without leaving your home, the Internet offers you the benefit to access your bank account to view the balance. Also, you can send money, pay bills electronically, or many other services can complete through the Internet.

Another advantage of the Internet is online shopping, which allows people to find products of interest and buy them without having to visit a store. You can compare prices between companies for any product through the Internet. Also, you can get help to make better purchasing decisions by online reviews, which describes what others think about a product.

Donations and funding

With the help of an Internet connection, anyone can help fund projects and ideas that interest them or quickly donate to their favorite charity. Also, if you want to donate and looking for charity services, you can find many online services on the Internet that help make it easier to support their causes or help donate.


The Internet provides people to access endless entertainment. With the Internet, you can watch movies, videos, play games online, listen to music, etc. There are many sites available on the Internet, which contain different entertainment material like music, videos, and more. Also, you can watch online videos on a platform like YouTube. Furthermore, you can download any movies, videos, or other entertainment material via the Internet on devices like computers or mobile phones that can be played anytime without an Internet connection.

Work from home, collaboration, and access to a global workforce

The Internet offers people benefit to connect with others around the world. There are various online services that help you to communicate and work with other people all over the world. Also, it can make services and producing new products faster.

An Internet connection offers many people an option to create a virtual office by allowing them to work from home. Sometime, there could be a condition for any organization to allow their employees to work from home using their computer. In this condition, the Internet plays the most important role as it provides connectivity between all employees, through which they all can communicate and discuss with each other regarding any project.

For example, many offices needed their employees to work from home in the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak. To allow work from home can help organization owners to save money by not paying money rent for offices and also help for employees to save them time and money by eliminating the daily travel to and from work every day. Furthermore, if you are running a business and you want to hire employees, there are many online services that can give you access to people looking for a job in the world.

Internet of Things

The Internet makes smarter your device in your home and giving them access to the Internet. For instance, to control the heating and cooling in your home, the Nest thermostat can connect to the Internet. When devices have been connected to the Internet, they can be controlled remotely with the help of your smartphone or computer. The devices can become smarter and more efficient and help save time, money, and energy by connecting IoT (Internet of Things). The main benefit to connect devices to the Internet of Things is that if you are far from your home, you can control your device remotely.

Cloud computing and cloud storage

One of the biggest advantages of the Internet offers connectivity to your computer and Internet-enabled devices to connect with cloud services, such as cloud storage and cloud computing. A device can have access to more powerful computers to perform complex tasks with cloud computing whereas your business work on other tasks.

What are the advantages of the Internet

With cloud computing, you can access your data anywhere as cloud storage synchronizes data across any of your Internet-connected devices. It makes your data more secure because your files are stored in a professionally-maintained server. Therefore, if you are using a cloud storage backup service, you will not lose all your valuable data even if your home or office burned down.