2. Kidney/Renal Ultrasound Anatomy

Kidney/Renal Ultrasound Anatomy

The urinary system is composed of the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra, which work together to maintain the fluid balance of the body and filter toxins from the blood. In this post we will focus on the kidneys.

The kidneys are retroperitoneal organs located on either side of the vertebral column from T12-L3. Notice that the right kidney is slightly more posterior than the left kidney because of the larger size of the liver relative to the spleen.

Posterior View of the Kidneys

To perform renal ultrasound here are the key renal anatomic structures you should know:

  1. Renal Cortex
  2. Medullary Pyramids
  3. Minor Calyces
  4. Major Calyces
  5. Renal Pelvis
  6. Renal Sinus
Key Renal Structures

Tip: Remember, renal and bladder scans should often be done together because they are often implicated together in renal pathology.