7. Stock rover review

Best Alternatives


MorningStar is a well-known leader in investment data. It includes in-depth data and investment ratings on most stocks, ETFs and mutual funds. And MorningStar ratings are widely used for fund investments. Premium membership includes extensive features for a reasonable cost.

Motley Fool

Motley Fool is a stock picking service that helps you understand the analysis and reasoning behind stocks in a diverse, long-term portfolio recommended by Motley Fool founders and analysts. It offers several membership plans with a focus on different types of stocks and investment goals.

Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha Basic is free and includes price charts and real-time email news updates. For more advanced analysis, subscribers can upgrade to Seeking Alpha Premium or Pro. These plans unlock a suite of proprietary stock picking tools that you won’t anywhere else like Stock Quant ratings, author ratings, and performance ratings. And with Pro, you’ll also get access to exclusive content and newsletters.

Bottom Line

Stock Rover offers an exciting mix of features that make it a valuable investment analysis tool for serious investors. The stock screeners and investment data stand out from competitors as high-quality, useful tools that have the potential to level up your investment strategy and results. And with a free trial — no credit card required — there’s no harm in signing up and giving it a try.

7. Stock rover review

Is Stock Rover Safe?

Stock Rover is an encrypted website that doesn’t store a whole lot of your personal information or any of your money. So you should consider it generally safe to use.

Connections to outside investment accounts are handled through financial data company Yodlee, an industry veteran with a strong track record for security.

Pros & Cons


  • Extensive research — Get access to lots of in-depth analysis of most North American stocks, ETFs and mutual funds
  • Lots of chartings tools — Stock Rover offers lots of advanced data, charting and comparison tools
  • Customizable — You can customize your own stock screeners
  • Free option — There is a free account available although it has fewer features than the paid version


  • High cost — It is somewhat pricey for highest-level premium accounts
  • No mobile app support — There is no mobile app or smartphone support
  • Not for beginners — The platform may be difficult to use for newer investors
  • No refunds — Stock Rover has a strict no-refund policy
7. Stock rover review

How’s the Customer Service?

Free members have access to a series of getting-started resources, help videos and articles and documentation on how the metrics work.

Paid members have access to email support. Phone support is available for premium members as an add-on for $50 per year.

7. Stock rover review

How Do I Open an Account?

You open an account through the “Free Sign Up” link at the top of any page at Simply choose a username and password and supply a valid email address. The email address has to be confirmed to open an account.

Once confirmed, you get 14-day access to all Premium Plus features with no credit card required. If you pay by the end of the trial, you can continue to use all features. If not, your account simply converts to a free account after the first two weeks.

It’s not an investment account. So you don’t have to provide additional personal details for a new account.

7. Stock rover review

Who Is Stock Rover For?

Stock Rover is best for intermediate to expert individual investors as well as investment professionals. Paid accounts are suitable for any serious investor with a large or growing portfolio.

Investment beginners are likely to find the tools and options overwhelming. But a free account may be helpful for newer investors looking to learn the ropes.

7. Stock rover review

Fees and Limits

Stock Rover offers four plans, including the free plan. The list of features is similar among plans, with higher limits and a handful of advanced features available only with the higher-end plans. Because you can start with a free trial, it’s best to get a feel for how everything works before deciding on the best paid option for your needs.

And it has a strict no-refund policy. So make sure you’re happy with the service before you subscribe.

Here’s a snapshot of plans and pricing:

Monthly Cost$0$7.99$17.99$27.99
Annual Cost$0$79.99$179.99$279.99
Two-year Cost$0$139.99$319.99$479.99

7. Stock rover review

Research Reports

Stock Rover research reports are generated on demand and include details on a company’s latest financial results, financial analysis, ratings and peer comparisons, dividend data and investment warnings.

StockRover Research Report Example
An example research report showing the first sections of a report on CBRE Group

You can view reports through your web browser, print them or download them as a PDF. And if you export the report as a PDF, it can be read easily on nearly any device.


Stock Rover’s tools give you instant up-to-date portfolio analysis comparable to what professional analysts use to build client portfolios and manage investment funds. You can create portfolios manually, view them based on screening or watchlist criteria, or connect with your brokerage account.

The portfolio features are helpful for accurately tracking multiple accounts — even at numerous brokerages — with essential data just a few clicks away.


Stock Rover’s active charting tools include everything most traders could ask for. Advanced and professional traders will likely find their needs met with the charting tool options, including valuation, technicals, fundamentals, events and different chart types.

StockRover Customized Chart
Custom created chart view

Future Simulations (in BETA)

A recent Stock Rover feature, future simulations let you forecast the performance of your portfolio using with Monte Carlo simulations based on historical stock returns and rules for withdrawals and rebalancing.

Stock Rover future simulation
7. Stock rover review

Main Features

Investment Screeners

Investment screeners let you quickly sift through the markets to find stocks or funds that meet specific criteria. And Stock Rover goes far beyond the typical free screeners on large investment data websites. Stock Rover equips you with 140 prebuilt screeners and features to build customized screeners based on over 500 different criteria.

StockRover Stock Screener, Dividend Stocks

The customized screeners let you find stocks using your own rules. And criteria can be as precise as you want so you can zero in on the best investments for your strategy.

StockRover Customized Stock Screener
A custom stock screener based on my criteria

Pre-built screeners include Buttetology Inspired, CAN SLIM, Capital Efficiency, Growth at a Reasonable Price, S&P 500 Outperformers, and Strong Buys. Custom fields include fundamental and technical analysis metrics, ratios, analyst ratings and custom-calculated fields.


Investment comparison tools give you insights into how investments stack up against each other. And these use many of the same options as the screeners. Options include fundamentals, technical criteria, analyst ratings, analyst estimates, Stock Rover ratings and dividend analysis.

StockRover Comparison Chart
A comparison table looking at the top 25 S&P 500 revenue growers

You can open tables based on your portfolio, watchlists and screeners. And as with other areas, Stock Rover provides a good list of examples to get you started.

7. Stock rover review

How Does Stock Rover Work?

Stock Rover works through your web browser. The site officially supports the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. But there are no mobile versions available.

The best experience comes from using a large computer monitor or even two. Stock Rover recommends a monitor resolution of 1266 x 768 or higher. On a tablet, you can use a resolution as small as 1024 x 768.

New users start with a 14-day free trial of all premium features. So you can test it out with no risk to ensure it’s the right fit for your needs.

7. Stock rover review

What Does Stock Rover Offer?

Stock Rover offers its tools through a free plan and three paid plans. The free version gives you information on 8,500 stocks, 4,000 ETFs and 40,000 mutual funds. You can sync your existing brokerage account for quick navigation through your current investments. And you can aggregate dashboards showing your portfolio metrics.

StockRover Basic Stock Chart
A basic stock chart in a Stock Rover portfolio

Premium plans unlock additional investment metrics, screeners, charting tools and ratings. They also come with a more extended period of historical data, more research reports and data, stock ratings, investor warnings, customized alerts and other advanced features.