Usage of Minicomputer

Minicomputers are used for entertainment, gaming, and other computing tasks such as scientific computations, business-transaction processing, database management, file handling, etc. It is useful for small organizations.

Advantages of Minicomputer

Below are some advantages of using minicomputer:

  • Minicomputers are easy to maintain and use
  • Minicomputers are smaller in size so that they can be placed anywhere.
  • Minicomputers are portable
  • Minicomputers are fast
  • Minicomputers are reliable

Disadvantages of Minicomputer

Below are some disadvantages of minicomputer:

  • Few mini PCs do not have USB ports
  • They don’t have a CD/DVD drive
  • The users find it hard to operate due to different operating systems
  • minicomputer have a small keyboard
  • There is not much storage in minicomputers
  • It has a smaller display that can be too small for some tasks.

Application of Minicomputer

Below are some applications of the minicomputer:

  • It is used in business accounting
  • it is used as the sub computer of the mainframe computer; for example, it is used in the sub-departments of an organization because it is cheaper than a mainframe computer.
  • A group of minicomputers can be created for creating its internal network.
  • It is used for circulation, cataloging, series control, management, acquisitions, communications, data retrieval, etc.

Characteristics of Minicomputer

The minicomputer has the following characteristics:

  • It is smaller in size than a mainframe computer.
  • It is less expensive than a super and mainframe computer.
  • It is not much more powerful than the mainframe and supercomputer, but powerful than microcomputers.
  • It supports multiprocessing and multi-tasking.
  • It can be used by small organizations and individuals.

Types of Minicomputers

Nowadays, the minicomputers are available in the form of different gadgets. Let’s discuss some widely used minicomputers:


The concept of smartphones was introduced by Apple in 2007. since then, the smartphone storm has taken over the world. The smartphones are power-packed Mini pcs. They can be used for calls and other computing processes. The smartphone has the power to handle most computing processes and workloads to the Desktop Pcs.

Smartphones are mainly used for gaming, watching videos, surfing, and other computing tasks. Nowadays, smartphones are powered with Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS operating systems, which has several editing tools.

Thus, the smartphone is a widely used powerful minicomputer.

Tablet PC

Tablets are also a kind of Mini PC used for entertainment, artistic, and computing purposes. Nowadays, tablets became versatile and affordable, so their usage in the business sector has increased. Usually, the tablet’s size is 7 to 9 inches.


iPad is a tablet PC provided by Apple. The new iPad Pro is a powerful PC to fulfill the basic computer requirements. It is used for gaming, entertainment, surfing, research, and other computing tasks. It is powered by Apple’s iOS and iPadOS operating system.

It provides multi-tasking with excellent performance and graphics. The iPad is a trendy gadget among students.

Desktop Mini PC

A desktop mini PC is a small enclosure that comprises all the necessary components of a PC. Most of the PCs have powerful CPUs.

The evolution of Desktops came a long way; now, it integrates all the PC components into a minimal space. The Mini PCs are smaller in size with superfast performance. These PCs can be used in several fields such as education, IT, gaming, medical, research, etc.

The main benefit of using Desktop Mini PCs are as follows:

  • Smaller in size
  • Portable
  • Superfast performance
  • Maximum possibilities
  • High-End application support

Drawing Tables

Drawing tables are used for drawing and sketching by the graphic designers. They are useful for transforming the drawing and sketches on to screen with the help of software programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator.

The drawing table provides higher graphic support to deal with drawing and sketches.



The minicomputer came into existence in the mid of 1960s. At that time, It was the only small computer that uses transistors and core memory technologies. The first minicomputer was known as Digital Equipment Corporation. It cost approximately 16000 USD.

Size of Minicomputer

The Minicomputer size ranges between 7 to 12 inches in width or less than 7 inches. Its smaller size is its beauty that attracts users as it is smaller in size, so it is lightweight and portable. It does not require much space for setup.

The minicomputers can be used anywhere.



A Minicomputer is also referred to as Mini, is a class of small computing devices. It was developed in the mid of 1960s. It has all the features and functionality of a large computer, but it is smaller in size. It lies in the middle range of computing systems, between the mainframe and microcomputer as it is smaller than the mainframe and larger than a microcomputer.

The Minicomputers are multiprocessing computer. It consists of two or more processors. The Minicomputers are used in an organization for basic tasks such as billing, accounting, and inventory management.

It was named minicomputer to describe it as the smaller computer that holds the transistors and core memory technologies.

A computer class contains several groups with its software architectures and operating systems. The minicomputer was developed for computing tasks such as calculation, store records, controls, human interactions, etc.

In this section, we will discuss the following points about the minicomputer:

  • History of Minicomputer
  • Size of Minicomputer
  • Types of Minicomputers
  • Characteristics of Minicomputer
  • Application of Minicomputer
  • Usage of Minicomputer
  • Advantages of Minicomputer
  • Disadvantages of Minicomputer