Conversion of 1 Petabyte into some common data-storage units

Following list shows the conversion of 1 Petabyte into other common data storage units:

S.No.1 PetabytesCommon data storage units
1.1 PB equals to8.0e+15 bits (bit)
2.1 PB equals to8000000000000 kilobits (kbit)
3.1 PB equals to8000000000 megabits (Mbit)
4.1 PB equals to8000000 gigabits (Gbit)
5.1 PB equals to8000 terabits (Tbit)
6.1 PB equals to1.0e+15 bytes (B)
7.1 PB equals to1000000000000 kilobytes (KB)
8.1 PB equals to1000000000 megabytes (MB)
9.1 PB equals to1000000 gigabytes (GB)
10.1 PB equals to1000 terabytes (TB)

Other data units to Petabyte conversion

Following list shows the values of petabytes in other data units:

S.No.Other UnitsValues in Petabytes
1.1 Bit equals to1.25e-16 Petabytes
2.1 Kilobit equals to1.25e-13 Petabytes
3.1 Kibibit equals to1.28e-13 Petabytes
4.1 Megabit equals to1.25e-10 Petabytes
5.1 Mebibit equals to1.31072e-10 Petabytes
6.1 Gigabit equals to0.000000125 Petabytes
7.1 Gibibit equals to0.000000134217728 Petabytes
8.1 Terabit equals to0.001 Petabytes
9.1 Tebibit equals to0.0001374 Petabytes
10.1 Petabit equals to0.125 Petabytes
11.1 Pebibit equals to0.14073748835533 Petabytes
12.1 exabit equals to125
13.1 Exbibit equals to144.11518807586
14.1 Yobibits equals to1.5111572745183e+8
15.1 Nibble equals to5e-16
16.1 Byte equals to1e-15 Petabytes
17.1 Kilobyte equals to1e-12
18.1 Kibibyte equals to1.024e-12 Petabytes
19.1 Megabyte equals to1e-9 Petabytes
20.1 Mebibytes equals to1.048576e-9 Petabytes
21.1 Gigabytes equals to0.000001 Petabytes
22.1 Gibibytes equals to0.000001073741824 Petabytes
23.1 Terabytes equals to0.001 Petabytes
24.1 Tebibytes equals to0.00109951 Petabytes
25.1 Petabytes equals to1 Petabytes
26.1 Pebibytes equals to1.1258999068426 Petabytes
27.1 exabytes equals to1000 Petabytes
28.1 Exbibytes equals to1152.9215046068 Petabytes
29.1 Zettabytes equals to1000000 Petabytes
30.1 Yottabytes equals to1e+9 Petabytes
31.1 Yobibytes equals to1.2089258196146e+9 Petabytes


Pb is the unit symbol for the ‘Petabyte‘. A Petabyte is made up of multiple-unit bytes, which stores the digital information and denotes the size of data. A byte is a size, which is made up of 8 bits. A bit is a single unit of data. It can be ‘0’ or ‘1’. And, the short form of Petabyte is Pbyte.

A petabyte is equal to 1015 bytes or 250 bytes.

1 Petabyte is equivalent to the following values:

  • 1024 Terabytes (Tb),
  • 1 million gigabytes, or
  • 1,000,000,000,000,000 bytes.

The size of the petabyte is slightly less than pebibyte. A petabyte is rarely used in measuring the storage capacity of devices. It is mostly used for measuring the data, which is stored in large computer networks or server farms. Like, Facebook and Google, two internet companies store more than 100 petabytes of data on their servers. Petabyte (Pb) is that unit that is larger than a terabyte (Tb) and smaller than the unit exabyte (Eb).