3. Machine and Patient Preparation

Patient Preparation

  • Head of the bed should be down
  • The patient should be supine
  • Have patient bend legs relax the abdominal area to facilitate scanning
3. Machine and Patient Preparation

Machine Preparation

  • Ideally, place the machine on the patient’s right side so you can scan with your right hand and manipulate ultrasound buttons with your left hand.
  • Transducer: Ideally use a curvilinear probe since it can give better resolution of the vessels, but a phased array probe can be used as well
  • Preset: Abdominal
  • The Indicator should be on the left side of the screen
  • You must have Pulse Wave Doppler capability on your ultrasound system. Most cart-based systems have this. Unfortunately, most hand-held ultrasounds don’t have Pulse Wave Doppler.