8. Putting Everything Together

VExUS Score – Putting Everything Together

VExUS Ultrasound Score:

  • Grade 0: IVC <2cm = NO Congestion
  • Grade 1: IVC >2cm with any combo of Normal or Mildly Abnormal Patterns = MILD Congestion
  • Grade 2: IVC >2cm and ONE severely Abnormal Pattern = MODERATE Congestion
  • Grade 3: IVC >2cm and >2 Severely Abnormal Patterns = SEVERE Congestion

Obviously, the VExUS Score is just another data point for your resuscitation endpoints you can obtain with Point of Care Ultrasound. It doesn’t tell you exactly WHAT is causing the venous congestion but it can give you details of the relative severity of end-organ venous congestion syndrome your patient has. It then allows you to think about any potential underlying causes of venous congestion such as fluid overload, right heart failure, pulmonary hypertension, left ventricular dysfunction, etc. From there, you can use diagnostic modalities to help you elucidate and manage the underlying problems causing the venous congestion (VExUS syndrome) further.