Treatment of chemical burns


Chemical burns are most commonly caused by exposure to acids or bases in the home, workplace, or at school—they can occur in any place where caustic and corrosive materials are handled. Chemical burns can affect anyone, but people who work in manufacturing facilities, children, and older adults are at the highest risk of injury.

Some common products that can cause chemical burns include:

  • Everyday household cleaners like bleach, ammonia, and drain or toilet cleaners
  • Skin, hair, and nail care products, and teeth whitening kits
  • Car batteries
  • Pool chlorine and pool cleaning systems

If possible, read the warnings and medical information on the labels of corrosive products before handling. In many cases, consumer education and proper use can prevent a serious medical emergency.

Although most chemical burns are caused by the accidental misuse of a corrosive substance, they can also be used in assaults. Worldwide, attacks with caustic materials are more likely to occur against women. 

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