5. Cell Culture

Cell culture safety

Work in a cell culture laboratory is associated with different risk factors and hazards such as toxins or mutagenic reagents. The human/animal material may contain viruses and other dangerous biological agents. Therefore, while manipulating human/animal material it is important to follow general safety guidance for laboratory practices.

1. Wash hands when entering and before leaving the laboratory.

2. Wear safety clothes (gloves, closed shoes, lab coat).

3. No eating, drinking, smoking.

4. No or low aerosol creation.

5. Decontaminate all surfaces before and after the experiment.

6. Work in accordance with the facility guidelines.

7. Dispose of all waste in an appropriate way.

8. Restricted access to authorized personnel only.

9. Avoid using sharp objects.

10. Always clearly label all samples.

11. Report all incidents to the safety officer.

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