3. Cell specialization and differentiation

Cell Differentiation Significance

As previously mentioned cell differentiation is a process through which a generic cell evolves into a given type of cell and ultimately allowing the zygote to gradually evolve in to a multicellular adult organism.

Cell differentiation is an important process through which a single cell gradually evolves allowing for development that not only results in various organs and tissues being formed, but also a fully functional animal.

While it plays a significant role in embryonic development, the process of cell differentiation is also very important when it comes to complex organisms throughout their lives. This is because of the fact that it causes changes in size, shape, metabolic activities as well as signal responsiveness of cells.

In cell differentiation, gene expression is particular important given that there are vital control systems that only ensure certain differentiation. Here, the process proves beneficial by controlling certain activities to guarantee both normal functioning tissues and organs, but also a full functional animal.

Knowledge of cell differentiation has also influenced stem cell research. Today, scientists and researchers are working to determine the best way they can use stem cells for the purposes of regenerating and repairing cellular damage.

As mentioned earlier, stem cells are important in that they can develop to any cell type. This makes them very special in that they can differentiate and be used for given treatment purposes. A good example of this is with cells among the older adults.

In older years, many of the cells experience wear and tear. As a result, they lose their ability to divide or repair themselves.

Stem cells can continue differentiating into a number of specialized cells to renew and repair the tissue in question. In theory, it is supposed that there is no limit as to the type of diseases that can be treated using stem cell therapy. Research is still ongoing to ensure that this type of treatment is both safe and effective.

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