3. Best trading tools and softwares

Charting Software: eSignal Charting

Okay so you have your broker, you’re all setup with Trade-Ideas, but you are ready to get some really high quality charts.  You can use the charts that come standard with your broker.

Those will work for a while, but eventually you may want to take it up a level and use charts that allow you to draw and write custom formulas.

This is where eSignal comes into play.  For a long time I used TC2000 for my charting, but when I added more monitors TC2000 was just too slow.  eSignal allows me to easily run charts on 8 monitors without any lag time (check out how to set up a trading computer).

best tools

This is pretty impressive.  And for me it’s important because I like to keep an eye on several stocks at once.  In addition to being fast and reliable, eSignal allows you to install custom scripts.  I use these as custom indicators for reversals, and automatically drawing support/resistance lines.

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