4. Content marketing

Content Marketing Hybrids

Finally, I want to show you two examples of what I call hybrid content marketing. I already showed you that online translates to offline and vice versa.

Some companies already use this principle and build their content marketing strategy around that.

You can use online as a gateway to offline and the other way around.

For example, you could use social media to drive awareness to an offline eventor run an offline event and take it online.

Hybrid Example #1: Gary Vaynerchuk Calls Fans

Gary is a true content marketing master.

This guy is always out to provide value. Plus, he hustles about 27 hours per day.

When he was on his way to an interview with Chase Jarvis in 2013, he had a few minutes to spare while going from the airport to the studio.

He tweeted out a simple message that invited his fans to text him their cell numbers so that he could call them.

garyvaynerchuk 1

Out of thin air, it seems, he created a mini offline event and used his massive 2.3 million Twitter following to drive awareness to it.

Within seconds, he had several people respond. He called each of them for about a minute or two and then moved on to the next one.

It was a simple gesture, but, as Gary later explained, a short call can get him another loyal soldier in his army for life.

Hybrid Example #2: Tweets During a Show

The show that Gary did was called Chase Jarvis Live,and it went on for 90 minutes.

During the live show, they not only took questions from the in-studio audience, but they also asked viewers to submit questions via Twitter using a specific hashtag.

tweet 1 gary vee content marketing

Instead of a boring offline event for an exclusive minority, they suddenly had a worldwide show that anyone could participate in.

Just the chance of having Gary answer my personal question makes it so much more likely for me to engage with the show, listen closely, and actually process the value that it’s giving me.

The hybrid form of content strategy is becoming more and more popular with apps and social media platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, and others. They make it easier than ever to take online offline and the other way around.

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