Conversion of 1 Megabyte into some common data-storage units

Following list shows the conversion of 1 megabyte into other common data storage units:

S.No.1 megabytesCommon data storage units
1.1 MB equals to8000000 bits (bit)
2.1 MB equals to8000 kilobits (kbit)
3.1 MB equals to8 megabits (Mbit)
4.1 MB equals to0.008 gigabits (Gbit)
5.1 MB equals to8.0E-6 terabits (Tbit)
6.1 MB equals to1000000 bytes (B)
7.1 MB equals to1000 kilobytes (KB)
8.1 MB equals to1 megabytes (MB)
9.1 MB equals to0.001 gigabytes (GB)
10.1 MB equals to1.0E-6 terabytes (TB)

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