5. Jobs in data science

Data engineer

Average salary: $132,653

A data engineer is not the one who analyzes data but manages a company’s data infrastructure. Hence, their job requires a lot of software development and programming skills and a lot less statistical analysis.

He is responsible for building certain data infrastructure to get the sales and marketing data to data analysts and data scientists in a usable format for further analysis.

For example, if a company starts to generate a huge amount of data from different sources, a data engineer will be responsible to organize the collection of information, it’s processing and storage.

Skills needed to become a data engineer:

  • Building and designing large-scale applications
  • Database architecture and data warehousing
  • Data modeling and mining
  • Statistical modeling and regression analysis
  • Programming languages: R, SAS, Python, C/C++, Java, MatLab
  • Hadoop-based analytics, such as HBase, Hive, Pig, and MapReduce
  • Operating systems, especially UNIX, Linux, and Solaris
  • Machine learning and Scikit-learn
  • Advanced SQL skills

Other than these three job roles, there are some other job titles in the field of data science that you can have.

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