2. Data Science Algorithms

Decision Trees

With the help of decision trees, you can perform both prediction and classification. We use Decision Trees to make decisions with a given set of input. Understand decision tree with the help of the following example:

Suppose you go to the market to buy a product. First, you assess if you really need the product, that is, you will go to the market only if you do not have the product. After assessing it, you will determine if it is raining or not.

Only if the sky is clear, you will go to the market, otherwise, you will not go. We can observe this in the form of a decision tree-

Using the same principle, we build a hierarchical tree to reach a result through a process of decisions. There are two steps to building a tree: Induction & Pruning. Induction is the process in which we build the tree, whereas, in pruning, we simplify the tree by removing complexities.

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