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Difference between Cryptography and Cyber Security

Cyber Security :
Cybersecurity, as the name suggests, is a process or measures taken by organizations or experts to protect devices, computer networks, or data from malicious activities.  It is considered as one of the remedies to alleviate cyber crime. In simple words, it refers to keeping data secure. It also maintains safe and stable business operations even in face of cyber threats.  

Cryptography : 
Cryptography, as the name suggests, is a process that is mainly used to encrypt and decrypt data or messages that cannot be deciphered by unauthorized access. It deploys the use of scrambled or distorted symbols. It is simply used to provide extra security to ensure that only authorized users can understand the message. In simple words, it refers to the method used to protect sensitive information.  

Difference between Cybersecurity and Cryptography :

Cyber Security Cryptography  
It is a process of keeping networks, devices, programs, data secret and safe from damage or unauthorized access.  It is a process of keeping information secret and safe simply by converting it into unintelligible information and vice-versa.  
It is all about managing cyber risks in all aspects such as people, process, technology, etc.It is all about math functions and can be applied in technical solutions for increasing cybersecurity.  
Its main objective is to prevent or mitigate harm or destruction of computer networks, applications, devices, and data.Its main objective is to keep plain text secret from eaves or droppers who are trying to have access to some information about the plain text. 
It is generally used for the protection of internet-connected systems like software, hardware, and data, risk management, disaster planning, access control, policies.   It is generally used for integrity, entity authentication, data origin authentication, non-repudiation, etc.  
It protects the system against viruses, worms, unwanted programs, etc., protects the computer from being hacked, reduces computer freezing and crashes, provides privacy to users, etc. It protects authentication and data across devices, maintains integrity, provides privacy to its best, allows two parties to communicate securely, etc.  
It makes cryptography one of its subsets and uses it to design algorithms, ciphers, and security measures that usually codify and keep company and customer data protected. It is an automated mathematical tool that is used to enhance and improve cybersecurity. 
It generally involves the implementation of specific procedures to keep data safe.  It generally mitigates or reduces cyber-crime simply by using elaborate design to encrypt messages. 

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