Difference between LCD and LED

The below table contains several differences between LCD and LED:

It stands for Liquid Crystal Display.Short for Light-Emitting Diodes.
LCD monitors are not a subset of LED monitors.LED monitors are subset of LCD monitors.
It primarily uses fluorescent lights.It mainly uses light-emitting diodes.
In LCDs, usually fluorescent lights are located at the backside of the screen.Usually, light-emitting diodes are located around the edges or backside of the screen.
LCDs are less energy efficient than LEDs and are thicker in size.LEDs are more energy-efficient and are much thinner in size as compared to LCDs.
Its resolution is low.Its resolution is high.
Its contrast ratio is high.Its contrast ratio is low.
Direct current can reduce the span life of LCDs.Direct current does not have any effect on LEDs.
LCDs display area is large.LEDs display area is small.
The switching time of LCD is slow.The switching time of LED is fast.

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