What is URL ?

Difference between URL and URI

What is the URL

There are numerous differences between URL and URI, which are as follows:

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator that used to describe the identity of an item.URI stands for Uniform Resource Identifier, which offers a technique for defining the identity of an item.
The primary objective of the URL is to get the address or location of the resource.The primary objective is to find a resource and distinguish it from other resources with the help of a name or location.
URL is a type of URI; therefore, all URLs can be URIs.URI is the superset of URL; thus, all URIs are not URLs as a URI can be a name rather than a locator.
It is only used for locating web pages.It is used in various languages such as HTML, XML and other files XSLT, and more.
A URL specifies where a resource is occurring and a way for retrieving a resource.A URI identifies a resource either by URL or URN or both.
In URL, the scheme must be a protocol such as FTP, HTTP, HTPPS, and more.The scheme may be anything in URI like a name, specification, protocol, and more.
It contains the protocol information in the URL.It does not include protocol information.
It includes components like path, domain, hash, string, query, and more.It includes components such as path, scheme, query, fragment component, and more.
It offers specification on what type of protocol is to be used.It does not contain protocol specification.
An example of URL: https://google.comAn example of URI: urn:isbn:0-486-27557-4

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