What is remote ?

Different types of remote

Typically, there are three types of remote control, which are given below:

  • Infrared remote control
  • Voice control
  • Radio remote control

Infrared remote control: It needs a line of sight and uses light to operate the destination device. For example, a television remote is a kind of infrared remote control. To operate this, you are required to carry it to the direction of the receiver. Additionally, it is easy to encode with multi-function remote control and has a lower cost.

Voice control: It is also known as an ultrasonic remote control that is a street lights switch along the staircase corridor. It is a very simple remote control, as it can get input from the sound of users. Even sometimes do not require a specialized remote control, you are only required to speak loudly.

Radio remote control: It is used to operate or control far objects. It controls the devices with the help of a variety of radio signals, which are transmitted by the remote-control device. It is used with garage door openers, car-alarm fobs, automatic barrier systems, radio-controlled toys, and industrial automation systems. Also, this technology is showing up in many other applications. These types of remote control come with the best performance as they have a complex circuit. The cost is very high in these kinds of remote control and has the ability to control the farthest distance devices.

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