3. Types of computer

Digital Computer

Digital computer is designed to perform calculations and logical operations at high speed. It accepts the raw data as input in the form of digits or binary numbers (0 and 1) and processes it with programs stored in its memory to produce the output. All modern computers like laptops, desktops including smartphones that we use at home or office are digital computers.

Advantages of digital computers:

  • It allows you to store a large amount of information and to retrieve it easily whenever you need it.
  • You can easily add new features to digital systems more easily.
  • Different applications can be used in digital systems just by changing the program without making any changes in hardware
  • The cost of hardware is less due to the advancement in the IC technology.
  • It offers high speed as the data is processed digitally.
  • It is highly reliable as it uses error correction codes.
  • Reproducibility of results is higher as the output is not affected by noise, temperature, humidity, and other properties of its components.

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