3. Strategies of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategy for Marketers

Creating stale, uninspired content is a fear that every marketer has had to deal with. Once you’ve exhausted the usual list of content ideas for your industry, it can be difficult to identify content ideas that are both new and exciting. One of the ways that clever marketers overcome this issue is by promoting user-generated content or UGC.

UGC lets the average consumer interact with your brand in a unique way. More importantly, it can inspire a piece of content that you can share with your audience. The real trick is finding an action or activity that’s compelling enough that consumers actually want to participate.

One of the best examples of UGC in modern marketing is the Starbucks Cup Art challenge. Consumers absolutely love the Starbucks aesthetic, and having a chance to contribute to that aesthetic was a fun, exciting opportunity. 

digital marketing strategy starbucks

Customers were encouraged to design their own Starbucks designs, with Starbucks promoting their favorites and even integrating some of the designs permanently.

Identify what your customers love about your brand, and find a way to give them genuine impact on its future development.

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