2. Structure of C programming

Documentation Section

1. Documentation Section

It is the section in which you can give comments to make the program more interactive. The compiler won’t compile this and hence this portion would not be displyed on the output screen.

2. Preprocessor directives Section

This section involves the use of header files that are to included necessarily program.

3. Definition section

This section involves the variable definition and declaration in C.

4. Global declaration Section

This section is used to define the global variables to be used in the programs, that means you can use these variables throughout the program.

5. Function prototype declaration section

This section gives the information about a function that includes, the data type or the return type, the parameters passed or the arguments.

6. Main function

It is the major section from where the execution of the program begins. The main section involves the declaration and executable section.

7. User-defined function section

When you want to define your function that fulfills a particular requirement, you can define them in this section.

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