What is keyboard ?

Early computers with keyboards

After many years, in 1964, the introduction of Multics and video display terminals (VDTs), which enabled users to see typing on the screen what they are typing.

The DataPoint 3300 began to ship by the Computer Terminal Corporation in 1969. It was the first computer terminal designed to replace the teleprinter. Some other versions of this terminal were also introduced as well as HP 2600A, DEC, and VT06. The DataPoint 3300 was a terminal that was able to move the cursor using arrow keys, and it used a screen display to show typed text. Also, it had the ability to clear all text on the screen.

At the beginning of the 1970s, keyboards began to use what we use today. Those keyboards were heavy mechanical or reconstructed electric typewriters from companies such as IBM. Apple, Radio Shack, and Commodore introduced their computers in the late 1970s that come included keyboards. Later, IBM PC and the Model F keyboard introduced by IBM in August 1981.

What is Keyboard

The Model M keyboard was introduced by IBM in 1986, which contained function keys like today’s keyboards have across the top of the keyboard. The Model M is still considered a high keyboard as it has a standard US layout with 101-key, which is used for full-sized keyboards today. It is also designed for windows keyboards that have 104-key with the Menu keys and windows keys.

Since IBM introduced the Model M keyboard, many changes have been in the keyboard that is in use today. A membrane helps to manufacturer computer keyboards easily and reduce manufacturing costs. Furthermore, the membrane keyboard makes the keyboard lighter, thinner, and quieter as compared to the first mechanical keyboards.

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