4. Future of Blockchain

Easier Voting

Voting with blockchain technology could be easier, faster, and more secure than how we vote today. It would also help protect voter identities (and even support remote voting). Instead of having to go to the polls or send in a mail-in ballot, you could simply log on to your computer or mobile device, verify your identity, and cast your vote.

The best part is that blockchain makes all of this possible while also providing an immutable record of votes to prevent fraud or tampering issues. There are already plenty of blockchain startups focused on helping people vote more securely online, so it might not be too long until internet voting becomes the norm around the world.

Adoption of Cryptocurrency

There is no denying, in the coming years, there could be a significant increase in the adoption of cryptocurrencies. This would lead to more widespread use of blockchain technology as businesses, both big and small, begin accepting cryptocurrency payments.

Today, it’s still tricky for everyday consumers to get involved with cryptocurrency trading. That is expected to change as more cryptocurrencies emerge and make it easier to use digital currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

This shift could also lead to widespread tokenization of assets beyond cars — perhaps houses, land, artwork, or anything that has value.

It Will Be Possible For You To Purchase a Car With No Money Down!

The automotive industry is in the midst of a significant shift away from buying cars to simply borrowing them. In the future, you could pay for your vehicle with cryptocurrency and get money back on that investment through tokenized ownership. Furthermore, you wouldn’t have to worry about monthly payments or insurance — just download an app, select your model and pick-up location, and you’re ready to go.

In short, the entire process could be completed in a matter of minutes. You wouldn’t even have to talk to a car salesperson or get any financing approved by the dealer — it would all come through automatically based on your cryptocurrency wallet.

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