Are you treating your heat rash right way?

Exercise at the Coolest Times

Whether you’re working out inside or enjoying the sun, try to reserve your heaviest exertion for the coolest times of the day. If you’re near water, take advantage of that to cool off periodically.

If you must exercise when it’s hot, find some shade or use cold compresses to keep your temperature from getting too high.

Rinse Off With Cool Water

Before going out in the heat, after coming in, and, if possible, a few times in between, rinse yourself with cool water. It will cool down your skin while washing away the sweat that may clog your pores.

Take Breaks From the Heat

If possible, take a break from the heat by going inside an air-conditioned space. You could also take a dip in the pool or just find a shady spot and drink a cold beverage.

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