c. Pointers

Explanation of the program

  1. int* pc, c;
    A pointer variable and a normal variable is created.
    Here, a pointer pc and a normal variable c, both of type int, is created.
    Since pc and c are not initialized at initially, pointer pc points to either no address or a random address. And, variable c has an address but contains random garbage value.
  2. c = 22;
    22 is assigned to variable c.
    This assigns 22 to the variable c. That is, 22 is stored in the memory location of variable c.
  3. pc = &c;
    Address of variable c is assigned to pointer pc.
    This assigns the address of variable c to the pointer pc.
  4. c = 11;
    11 is assigned to variable c.
    This assigns 11 to variable c.
  5. *pc = 2;
    5 is assigned to pointer variable's address.
    This change the value at the memory location pointed by the pointer pc to 2.

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