3. Chemical Bonding

Factors Affecting Bond Enthalpy in Chemical Bonding

Size of the Atom

Greater the size of the atom, greater is the bond length and less is the bond dissociation enthalpy i.e. less is the bond strength during chemical bonding.

Multiplicity of Bonds

Greater is the multiplicity of the bond, greater is the bond dissociation enthalpy.

Number of Lone Pair of Electrons Present

More the number of lone pair of electrons present on the bonded atoms, greater is the repulsion between the atoms and thus less is the bond dissociation enthalpy of the chemical bond.

Bond Angle

A bond is formed by the overlap of atomic orbitals. The direction of overlap gives the direction of the bond. The angle between the lines representing the direction of the bond i.e. the orbitals containing the bonding electrons is called the bond angle.

Bond Order

In Lewis representation, the number of bonds present between two atoms is called the bond order. Greater the bond order, greater is the stability of the bond during chemical bonding i.e. greater is the bond enthalpy. Greater the bond order, shorter is the bond length.

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