1. Basic introduction

First aid CPR

If you see someone collapse or find someone unconscious, call 911. If the area around the unconscious person seems safe, approach them and begin CPR.

Even if you don’t have formal training, you can use hands-only CPR to help keep someone alive until professional help arrives.

Here’s how to treat an adult with hands-only CPR:

  1. Place both hands on the center of their chest, with one hand on top of the other.
  2. Press straight down to compress their chest repeatedly, at a rate of about 100 to 120 compressions per minute.
  3. Compressing the chest to the beat of “Staying Alive” by the Bee Gees or “Crazy in Love” by Beyoncé can help you count at the correct rate.
  4. Continue performing chest compressions until professional help arrives.

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