10. Comical Stories

Frog and his belly burst

Two frogs — father and son — live together in a pond. One day, the son frog was playing in a garden when he spots a cow. He returns to the pond and tells his father that he saw a giant scary monster.

The father frog does not believe it and tries to rubbish it away. When the kid insists, the father pays attention, and the son frog starts to explain how big the ‘giant’ was.

The father frog fills up the air in his stomach and asks him if the monster looked like that? The son says, “No, it is much bigger.” The father fills up some more air in his belly and asks the son if the giant was that big. The son says no again.

The father does it again and again until his belly becomes huge with air. Before he could ask the question, his belly bursts. The father starts crying out in pain.

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